Trump: “I Am The Law And Order Candidate.”

In a just concluded speech, Trump declared himself the “law and order candidate” while criticizing Hillary Clinton over her use of the now infamous private email server. “I am the law and order candidate,” Trump said at the top of his speech in Virginia Beach, Va., which was billed as a policy speech. He was also expected to talk about veterans issues.

“I’m also the candidate of compassion — believe it,” Trump added. “But you can’t have true compassion without providing safety,” he continued. “Without safety, we have nothing.”

He also said that he vows to protect citizens equally and “without prejudice” and more importantly, to “protect all Americans” while addressing veterans, Trump says, “you defend America and America will defend you. That promise has been broken by our politicians.”

Wrapping up his commentary on the Dallas shooting, Trump vowed to “ensure safe homes, communities and schools”, repeating that “hostility toward US law enforcement must end now” and that the ambush of police officers in Dallas “is an attack on our country.”

Trump described Clinton as “weak, ineffective, pandering” and said an investigation into her handling of classified material shows she is “either a liar or grossly incompetent.”

“One or the other. Very simple,” Trump said, adding, “Personally, it’s probably both.” FBI Director James Comey last week said Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” with classified information but said he couldn’t justify recommending criminal charges against her.

Trump argued that Clinton would pursue policies benefitting only the nation’s elites. For others, “she couldn’t care less,” Trump said.

The brunt of his attacks on her, however, focused on her email server and the refusal of federal officials to pursue a criminal case over her handling of classified material. “What she did was so wrong,” Trump said, adding that people who did “far less” were “paying a tremendous price right now.”

“Her conduct was willful, intentional and unlawful,” Trump said. “She knew it. She’s probably the most surprised person that she was able to get away with it.”

“This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material,” Trump said, referring to Comey’s remarks, describing her action as calculated, deliberate and “premeditated.” He also seized on the FBI’s admission that an interview with Clinton wasn’t recorded nor administered under oath. The FBI did complete a federal form summarizing the interview, Comey said last week. Trump said Clinton carried out a “cover up” with her email arrangement, and said doing it without facing charges “could be her single most impressive accomplishment,” adding, “To me it is.”

Trump also said Clinton would be the first president elected who “wouldn’t be able to pass a background check.”

“Come November, the American people will show her that she is not above the law,” Trump said.

Alternatively, the American people may just not care because what difference does anything make anymore. SOURCE

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