Law and Order Trumps All

Law enforcement officials warn against Trump’s ‘tough on crime’ policy

A coalition of senior law enforcement officials told Donald Trump on Wednesday that reducing arrests and imprisoning fewer Americans were key to promoting “law and order”, after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee claimed a tougher approach was needed.

So who are these “senior law enforcement officials” Major Cities Chiefs Association.

This organization has a Board of Directors, consisting of 5 Directors, 3 women with one of the women a political hack appointee representing one of the largest heaviest investigated police forces in CANADA!

The area this broad represents (I have personal and direct knowledge of) has taken the teeth out of local governments control and since become a haven of multicultural rainbows now proudly espousing their ‘not racist’ liberal cred hastily plowing under rich productive farmland for new suburban/urban sprawl cramming in the new minority majority (talk about oxymorons) criminal….er…….I mean New Canadian.

These organizations are anti-nationalists, multi-corporate, and Federal sponsored, directly tied to U.N. safe cities/agenda 21.

They have this Cockemamie open letter calling for rehabilitation and shorter prison sentences to help reduce crime.
Not one friggin mention about the out of control (‘just fukkin’ Great Society/war on poverty) unsustainable welfare state.
Nah, not one mention about the over 70% non-white births out of wedlock.
Or……..out of control low IQ single women producing and raising ever more out of control feminized low IQ tax subsidized criminals.
Perhaps…….a mention of the matriarchal anti-male/anti-patriarchy anti-European culture Affirmative Action Whores and race pimps? NAH!

Donald Trump has a consistent and the only non-Moronic non-Marxist market based viable solution, certified by history and natural law (laws of the universe).
Rebuild America and bring back/create GOOD jobs, skilled jobs for all Americans who will apply themselves.
Not Federally mandate cranking up the wages of shit low IQ mindless drone low value service jobs suitable only for part timers and students driving those industries to further automation and robots.
Not inefficient corrupt government make work white elephants that only produces political favors.

Rebuilding means many many things, mind, spiritual, ethics, not just concrete and steel.
But, the very very crux of all today’s problems and MOST IMPORTANT aspect of Donald Trump’s candidacy and soon to be presidency is, putting the ALPHA-MALE back where he belongs, IN CHARGE!

And that in itself is the problem the left, the neo-cons, Cucks, or anyone else has with Mr. Donald J. Trump.
So when Donald Trump declared himself the “law and order candidate”, visions of crime busting District Attorney’s offices staffed by double breasted pantsuit child barren single women  hand in hand with tough minded dyke police chiefs pleading cases before inconvenienced black robed mentally senile Ruth Bader Ginsburgs’, non white offenders in the custody of female officers plea bargained by court appointed state funded SWJs to the care of a circus coalition of social workers administering new federal programs same ole electronic deposit with a new colorful debit card, EVAPORATED QUICKLY!

Hence the latest Liberal/Cuck tears.

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