Get Ready to Puke: 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black In America.

Email from a PTD Member/Listener Below…

Just had to send this to you guys;

These morons live in a bubble and have around the clock bodyguard protection. What the hell do they know about what it’s like out here. I live in a college town and we have students from all over who are here 8 months out of the year. Most of them are from cities like Indianapolis and Gary, IN, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, etc. At the risk of sounding racist, the four months they are gone are the quietest months of the year.

The majority of them are black and, due to in being a community college that accepts anyone regardless of academic standing or criminal history. Many of them come long enough to get the student loan refunds and then stop going to class and spend the rest of their time partying and getting arrested.Heaven forbid you try to study at the school library because they don’t know how to respect others and use their inside voices.

The people of my town are scared to even go to the gas station or store at night because they are always there….lingering, stealing, fighting, yelling at the top of their lungs for no good reason. They linger in front of Walgreens and yell at people for no reason at all. Several get arrested every night for shoplifting from our pharmacies, liquor stores, and department stores. I no longer feel safe doing any shopping at night.

My husband never leaves the house without his pistol. I never used to feel this way, but over time, it has become unavoidable. I used to work around the campus police officers every day, so I am stating facts. The police are understaffed and can barely keep up with the calls that come in from areas close to campus and have to rely on the city and county police to handle them all. Black people have brought this upon themselves by instilling fear in the general public due to their behaviors. I have to admit I no longer feel sorry for them.

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  1. Regardless, we must draw a line under our own collective weaknesses, of moaning and growning. Get behind us:


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