Never Trump say goodbye

Delegates tried to stage a last-ditch revolt against Donald Trump.

The convention floor momentarily turned into a scene of discord and boisterous dissent on Monday. Those who were opposing Donald J. Trump broke into booming jeers and chants of “Roll call vote! Roll call vote!” in an attempt to demand that all resolutions be a time consuming vote by all 2,472 delegates on a procedural motion that is required before the convention can formally get underway.

Their hope was that by starting a lengthy process so late in the day — just a few hours before the convention’s prime-time programming was set to begin — they could like leftist spoiled brats embarrass Mr. Trump by delaying the convention’s opening speakers.

Delegates who opposed them appeared to have the advantage. And they responded with their own noisy shouts of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

But after several minutes of confusion, and a couple of musical interludes by the band to kill time, the anti-Trump delegates appeared to have been stymied.

Initially there appeared to be at least nine states that agreed to the roll-call vote, meeting the threshold of seven required under party rules. But faced with the possibility of a runaway start to the convention, the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee staffers working the floor went into overdrive to get delegates to withdraw their support.
In the end, only six states consented.

And the crowd DOMINATED with chants of “We want Trump!”


It is very sad what I heard from a fine ex-Senator Gordon J. Humphrey, but the absolute power of the political class corrupts absolutely.

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