PTD on Red Ice Live (RNC) coverage last night!

I joined the great folks over at RedIce last night to discuss the RNC and give my thoughts about where we’re headed in the near future.

Lana and Henrik are amazing folks, very talented and professional.

However, for the PTD audience… in order to save you guys from absolute boredom (Nathan Damigo is about as exciting and entertaining as watching paint dry on the wall) fast forward to the 35:00 minute mark, which is where yours truly enters the conversation.


4 Comments on PTD on Red Ice Live (RNC) coverage last night!

  1. Ritchie, I’m glad you showed up, the quality on the panel was very poor and typical millennial whiners. Whining like little fags about ‘boomers(actually it’s THEIR parents) and evangelicals as THE problem. But of course NOT one damn solution except read my article or another useless book.
    YOU alone said the ONLY truth, POWER BECOME THE POWER.
    It just amazes me that this obvious and only true solution is why they are all there following and supporting TRUMP.
    Isn’t that exactly what Trump is doing?
    He is putting it all on the line to become the POWER?
    Trump is the only thing between us and a uncontrollable suicidal ride down the Hillary?


  2. I had to bite my tongue listening to a lot of it Joe, and once one of them started again with the Hitler/WWII Shit, I pretty much cut lose soon after that.

    Nevertheless, I really like the two of them, Henrik and Lana are fucking great people.

    And if you’ve noticed… They’re mainstreaming the approach now. Good to see.

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  3. LexTalionis33 // July 25, 2016 at 12:11 am // Reply

    Glad to see PTD on Red Ice, Rich! I Agree, no more playing Mr. Nice guy.


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