Hillary desperate for White Male votes

Clinton’s decision to tap Kaine for the No. 2 job comes as little surprise.
Pundits long ago pegged the mild-mannered Virginia senator as the front-runner in the Democratic nominee’s veepstakes.

Kaine addresses a number of weaknesses within the Clinton campaign.

Clinton has struggled to secure support among white men. With Kaine on her ticket, Clinton is betting he will be able to stem the flow of white, working-class males who backed Bernie Sanders in the primary to the Trump camp.

Clinton also likely heeded Harry Reid’s warning that picking a senator from a state with a Republican governor would weaken the Democratic Party in the Senate.

Kaine, who also previously served as governor of Virginia, hails from what will be a key swing state, with a Democrat at the helm.

And not just any Democrat, but Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton ally.
He served on both Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign and Hillary’s 2008 campaign, as co-chairman and chairman, respectively.

In 1999, McAuliffe personally secured the loan on the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York home to the tune of $1.35 million from his own pocket.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, yes the same fraud who the Virginia Supreme Court on Friday voided his attempt to overstep his clemency powers giving voting rights to 206,000 people with felony records.  -read about it here-

In other words, if the Clinton-Kaine team wins (not a bogeyman in sight) the general election, McAuliffe will probably appoint a very Clinton-approved candidate to fill Kaine’s empty Senate seat.

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