Presidential Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Released Just In Time

Thirty-five years after he shot President Ronald Reagan and three others outside a D.C. hotel, John W. Hinckley Jr. will be released from a government psychiatric hospital, federal judge Paul L. Friedman ordered Wednesday.

The ruling ends the institutionalization of the one of the nation’s most notorious mental health patients.

Outrage over Hinckley’s acquittal in the 1981 shooting reshaped the insanity defense in courts across the country. The revelation that he had pulled the trigger to impress a movie star added obsession and celebrity to the case. And extraordinary television footage of the attack on the 40th U.S. president brought the event to millions of American homes.

U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman wrote that Hinckley, 61, no longer poses a danger to himself or others and will be freed to live full time with his mother in Williamsburg, Va.

“Mr. Hinckley has received the maximum benefits possible in the inpatient setting,” Friedman wrote in a 103-page opinion. “The court finds by the preponderance of the evidence that Mr. Hinckley will not be a danger to himself or to others if released on full-time convalescent leave to Williamsburg under the conditions proposed.” The 14-page order also said Hinckley could be returned to St. Elizabeths Hospital in the District if he relapses or violates the terms of his release

Friedman cited Hinckley’s successful completion of more than 80 visits over the past decade to Williamsburg. What began as supervised trips with family in the 1990s gradually were extended with court permission so that Hinckley now spends up to 17 days a month at the home of his 90-year-old mother in a gated golf course development.

Paul L. Friedman

Paul L. Friedman was nominated by President Bill Clinton on March 22, 1994, to a seat vacated by Gerhard A. Gesell. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 15, 1994, and received his commission on June 16, 1994. He assumed senior status on December 31, 2009.

The American Law Institute (ALI) was established in 1923 to promote the clarification and simplification of United States common law and its adaptation to changing social needs. Members of ALI include law professors, attorneys, judges and other professionals in the legal industry. ALI writes documents known as “treatises” (a systematic exposition or argument in writing including a methodical discussion of the facts and principles involved and conclusions reached), which are summaries of state common law (legal principles that come out of state court decisions.)

Many courts and legislatures look to ALI’s treatises as authoritative reference material concerning many legal issues. However, some legal experts such as Professor Michael Risch of Villanova Law School and the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia have voiced concern about ALI rewriting the law as they want it to be instead of as it is.

The need to establish a permanent entity devoted to the continuing training of lawyers became apparent after the end of World War II, as young lawyers returning from years of military service overseas found that they needed refresher courses in the law.
Furthermore, the huge complex of government regulations that had begun with the New Deal and had greatly expanded during the war years provided another impetus for the post-admission education of all lawyers, whether or not they were veterans.

Therefore, in 1947, the American Bar Association (ABA) asked the American Law Institute to undertake the first national program of post-admission continuing legal education (CLE) for practicing attorneys.

The chief joint ALI-NCCUSL project is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which the Institute has been developing and revising with the National Conference since the 1940s.

First published in 1952, the UCC is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America. The Uniform Commercial Code is generally viewed as one of the most important developments in American law, having been enacted (with local adaptations) in almost every jurisdiction.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of laws that provide legal rules and regulations governing commercial or business dealings and transactions. The UCC regulates the transfer or sale of personal property. The UCC does not address dealings in real property. On the whole, the UCC standardizes business laws in the U.S. and seeks uniformity amongst the states.

Among Friedman’s notable cases is the continuing supervision of John Hinckley, Jr., the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan. Friedman has issued rulings that relaxed the restrictions on Hinckley by allowing him to leave the grounds of St. Elizabeths Hospital to spend more days each month visiting his mother’s home town of Williamsburg, Virginia. On July 27, 2016, it was announced that Hinckley would be allowed to permanently reside there.

Clinton appointed  GoTo U.S. District Court Judge Paul Freedman.

A former Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia convicted of arranging illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign asked a federal judge to grant her a new trial Thursday, August 10th, 2000. Attorneys for Maria Hsia told Clinton appointed and GoTo U.S. District Court Judge Paul Freedman that Hsia conviction in March 2000 on charges she arranged more than $100,000 in illegal contributions to President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and other Democrats in 1996, should be set aside, along with her indictment.

Hsia, a Taiwan native who began raising money for Gore more than a decade ago, was convicted in U.S. District Court on five felony counts of causing false statements to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. Each charge carries a five-year maximum prison term.

In the hearing Nancy Luque, an attorney for Hsia, said the jury heard misleading and confusing evidence from prosecutors. Luque said Hsia’s alleged wrongdoing in the case was based on “extremely weak to nonexistent evidence,” and said publicity surrounding the trial tainted the outcome.

Clinton GoTo Attorney Nancy Luque

Nancy Luque represents individuals and corporations under investigation and or indictment by the Department of Justice for allegations of violations of the Federal Election laws, theft of trade
secrets, tax evasion, government contract (accounting) fraud, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and securities fraud.
She has acted as Special Counsel in connection with a Congressional Investigation, has obtained Presidential pardons, has represented political organizations such as the Clinton-Gore campaign, and lectured in the United States and in the People’s Republic of China regarding aspects of the criminal law.

Nancy Luque represented Julie Hiatt Steele pro bono for prejury in the criminal trial in the Monica Lewinsky affair in regards to Kathleen Willey, the Richmond, Va., socialite who accused President Clinton of crudely groping her near the Oval Office in 1993.

By Steele’s sworn testimony, Willey had called her up in early 1997 to say that a Newsweek correspondent, Michael Isikoff, was coming to interview her. Willey asked Steele to confirm to Isikoff that Willey had told her of a Clinton sexual advance immediately after it happened in late 1993. Willey told Isikoff she had gone to Steele’s house in tears on the night of the incident. Steele went along with the request to confirm this account, but later called back Isikoff to tell him that the story was untrue.

In subsequent testimony under oath, Steele steadfastly maintained that she knew nothing of any sexual encounter at the White House and had only agreed to lie to the reporter against her better judgment, at Willey’s insistence, and before she knew the issue was related to any legal proceeding, let alone the independent counsel investigation into President Clinton.

The trial of Willey’s confidant and freind Julie Hiatt Steele for lying and obstruction of justice ended with a hung jury. The verdict was a stunning blow to Kenneth Starr. At the trial, three friends of Steele’s contradicted her account. One said Steele told him she’d heard Willey’s account long before 1997.
Julie Hiatt Steele had varying versions through out this period then suddenly clammed up after many suspected the Clinton machine “got” to her through Nancy Luque.

GoTo Chinese fundraiser Maria Hsia

Funny money honey Maria Hsia escaped any meaningful punishment for corrupting our election system. In the spring of 2000, Hsia was convicted by a federal jury in Washington, D.C., of five felony counts related to more than $100,000 in illegal contributions to Democratic candidates.

The stash included $65,000 in straw donations, which Hsia had funneled through clueless, non-English-speaking monks and nuns the day after Vice President Al Gore’s 1996 visit to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Southern California.

Hsia, a Taiwan-born immigration consultant, faced up to 25 years in prison for causing false statements about the pass-through contributions to be made in Federal Election Commission reports. On Feb. 6, 2002 U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman handed Hsia her sentence: a puny 90 days of home detention and three years of probation, along with a fine and assessment of $5,300.
Judge Friedman’s slap on the wrist was no surprise. Friedman a Clinton appointee, was assigned to the Hsia case by Norma Holloway Johnson another Clinton appointee.
Johnson was the first African-American woman to serve as a US District Court Chief Judge, served as the chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.
The Clinton stench is hard to get out of the system, the only solution is a full exorcism of the whold damn family to prison.

Read Sory Here


hmmmm….. the timing.
Clinton appointee releases murderer and presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr .just in time for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.
Hillary Clinton’s only hope is Donald Trump some how withdraws,

4 Comments on Presidential Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Released Just In Time

  1. LexTalionis33 // August 1, 2016 at 2:43 am // Reply

    Let’s hope he hasn’t been reading any “Catcher in the Rye” lately!

    Which btw, Joe. Don’t know if you’ve already thought about this other aspect, but MAGA or “Make America Great Again” is actually a take on Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Presidential campaign slogan of- “Let’s make America great again.” Could this be where the past, present and future collide and come full circle or simply another paranoid ending from a paranoid schizophrenic?

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    • I am well aware of Reagan’s 1980 campaign, except for the slogans I see nothing familiar. Reagan was pushing open borders and north american trade that would eventually become NAFTA. His administrations hair brained safe harbor leasing that killed R&D, the deindustrialization(rust belt), start of the savings and loan disaster, expansion of the military complex, his reckless deregulation and I am a less regulation advocate but you just can’t favor your elites towards monopolization like he did in finance, media, etc.
      His arming the middle east into a tinder box, teasing Iran with nuclear promises and freezing assets, covert crap in south america, created Isis.
      The only reason the economy eventually improved for the working stiff (after 6 years in office) was the collapse of opec and the oil prices due to Iran/Iraq war, FED’s new chairman Volcker finally got inflation down by 82/83 that sustained for the next 20 years. But Reaganites will attribute it to Reagan and Clintonites will attribute it to Clinton when in reality neither man could successfully run a hot dog cart.
      I haven’t a clue why people make such a big deal about Reagan, other than the fact some got back to work and he was a great cheerleader.


  2. Run Bryan Ruuuuun………


  3. Got my converse strapped on


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