5 Comments on Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month

  1. They deserve it Joe!

    How dare you!!!

    You have any idea how much MooSlims have contributed to America?

    Just ask Hussein Obama.

    God you guys are so intolerant…


  2. LexTalionis33 // August 5, 2016 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    It sounds like it’s fucking P-A-R-T-Y time in Caliphornia every night this month! Yalla snackbar! I’ll bring some good ol’merican bacon! Some honey glazed ham covered in bacon bits, mashed potatoes w/bacon, corn on the cob wrapped in bacon, watermelon and a keg of the finest Oregon goat piss. Maybe even a few virgin suicide bombers to get this fucking P-A-R-T-Y started right! Btw, what time are we supposed to be there?


  3. LexTalionis33 // August 6, 2016 at 1:58 am // Reply

    Too funny, Joe…..So, I’ll see you and the rest of the “Resurgent Nationalists” there tomorrow evening then? I’ll be the one with my boot on the Imams throat while I prost my brothers holding my Maker’s Mark-n-coke high in my right hand and eating seconds of honey glazed ham covered in bacon bits out of the left…

    A call to prayer? Sounds like a gay chainsaw from a Family Guy episode or what Jimi Hendrix would sound like playing the guitar sober!


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