An Open Letter to Donald Trump!

Dear Mr. Trump:

I hope (by some chance) this letter finds you well… and you read it with an open mind.

I write this with nothing but respect and admiration for you as a man, as an American Patriot, and as a Leader to us all. Without your presence in this election, America would surely disappear into the ash bin of history, but not without a violent Civil War. As war will most likely ensue if Crooked Hillary reigns over America for the next 8 years with a radical leftist Supreme Court and a Congress which will (as a direct result of mass immigration) soon have a Democrat majority.

I understand that deals must be cut and political compromises must be made in order to accomplish anything in  Washington, but the endorsement of Paul Ryan and John McCain was a major mistake. Millions of Americans (including myself) were attracted to your campaign because you were seen as the anti-establishment candidate. The populist nationalist leader we’ve all been waiting for.

Paul Ryan, with all due respect Sir, is a weasil and a snake in the grass. The man is beholden to everything you’ve stood against including amnesty, Muslim Refugee resettlement in the United States, TPP, and support of a traitorous business community that has sold out the interests of America and American workers from day one. John McCain, although a veteran, has done the same and worse. A non-endorsement, or a position of neutrality from Trump would have been a much more desirable action  in our Senate elections.

But now that that’s history. We must move on as there are far more pressing issues at hand, namely: winning the Presidential election.

Please take the following advice into consideration:

If we are to keep Crooked Hillary out of the White House, Trump needs to be Trump.

Donald Trump is a business man, a natural born leader, and an alpha male… not a politician.

Donald Trump speaks his mind without a censor, without fear of retribution from political donors or lobbyists in DC.

Donald Trump is not politically correct.

Donald Trump understands that the issue of Immigration (not just illegal immigration) will define the near-term and longterm future of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is the last hope for America, and at this point, he realizes that his political opponent is an evil criminal capable of anything (including murder) that will most definitely destroy America.

As a result, Donald Trump must stop playing fair. This election will not be won by a nice guy, a milk toast conservative like Newt Gingrich. It must be won by a populist, nationalist leader. A leader that’s willing to use every trick in the bag (ugly or not) in order to secure victory.

The Trump narrative is the one that voters responded to. Not some fake conservative platform that we’ve heard too many times before from the likes of men such as John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Those are the guys that lost. The guys that pitched the same old tired conservative message, were dominated by the populism and nationalism of Donald Trump.

These same “Conservatives” continue to lose because they’d rather play fair then win. As you well know, winning is the only thing that matters. There is no second place. There are only winners and losers.

Donald Trump does not lose!

Therefore we must fight fire with more fire. These rigged election polls that are released every other day to demoralize your supporters must be targeted next. They must be neutralized and be made completely meaningless.

My suggestion is as follows…

In a public address… tell everyone, all your followers on Twitter, on TV, wherever you can… tell all of them to LIE to (or misdirect) the pollsters. Tell them to say that they’re voting for Clinton.
Put all these fake (dishonest) “pollsters” out of business. Make  their polls completely irrelevant.

If you did that… we’d have an instant implosion of these fake polls that are used against you.

Finally, let’s get to the media. Don’t expect to be treated fairly by any of them, including Fox News. Fox News (along with “conservative” talk radio) is invested in a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Let me explain:

Most of these so called “conservative” pundits want Clinton in there, because it more than likely ensures that they’ll have a job for the next eight years. As most of these commentators will have nothing to whine about if Trump gets elected. Their entire business model depends on providing a fake alternative (a toned down bitch corner) for concerned, patriotic Americans with nowhere else to turn.

Those that know better have gone to the Internet. The large majority of folks under the age of 60 are dropping cable entirely, as they now get their news and entertainment from the Internet.

So as you can see, Mr. Trump, for that exact reason, these old dinosaur media outlets are invested in a Clinton victory.

Furthermore, they need you. You sure as hell don’t need them. You proved this already (multiple times) in the primary with Fox News. These networks (like Fox) are trying to co-opt and change (or soften up) the Trump message.

Don’t let them do it!

Stay off these News Networks. Their trust level with their rapidly declining viewership is at all time lows. Nearly 95 percent of the audience (what’s left of it) has little to no faith or confidence in what they read, see, and hear from the old dinosaur media.

My advice is to stick with what brought you here. Trump has to be Trump. Continue to drum up support by traveling the country, selling out stadium arenas, inspiring millions, and speaking candidly to the voters in person who fell in love with the real Donald Trump.


A Concerned Citizen

4 Comments on An Open Letter to Donald Trump!

  1. According to Mr. Schwartz, the man who wrote “Art of the Deal” for him, Mr. Trump hasn’t read a book in years. I doubt he ever reads anything longer than 140 characters. Maybe if you boiled it down to three sentences.

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  2. Tyler the Titan // August 7, 2016 at 6:39 pm // Reply

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  3. LexTalionis33 // August 7, 2016 at 10:46 pm // Reply

    Great letter…hope it won’t fall on deaf ears and blind eyes!


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