Miss World Mexico director shot dead after crowning winner

Liberal America, your thirst for living in a third world shit hole awaits you.
What is holding you racist bastards here?
Your paradise is a skinny dip across the Rio Grande river and bus ride across Chihuahua.

Sinaloa is home to the brutal cartel of the same name and has a violent, turbulent history with beauty contests. In 2012, the reigning Miss Woman Sinaloa, 20-year-old Maria Susana Flores Gamez, was shot dead when a car chase ended in a shootout between soldiers and armed gunmen.

Sinaloa state is infamous for being the home to the world’s most infamous drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. In 2007, Guzmán, leader of the notorious Sinaloa cartel, married Emma Coronel Aispuro, winner of the ‘Great Coffee and Guava Festival queen’ in Canelas on her 18th birthday.


According to reports at the time, El Chapo and hundreds of his motorcycle riding gunmen arrived into Canelas on 6 June 2007 as her candidacy was announced.


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