Psychotic Schizophrenic White Liberals Now Promoting “White Fragility” with Tax Payer Funded “Workshops.” Wake Up Stupid, the Problem has Always Been in Our Own Backyard!

This story highlights the importance of this election more so than anything else I’ve seen on the social/cultural front. This is a MUCH greater threat than terrorism. And much of it comes from our own backyard.

These workshops will be held in Seattle. Can’t get any more white than the Pacific Northwest. They will be funded by the tax payer and the results will most likely enter the local school curriculums.

This is also partially due to much higher rates of marijuana use, drug use, prescription drugs and much high rates of depression, psychosis and schizophrenia in that part of the country.

The people are so fucking stoned and doped up in the Northwest they’re incapable of dealing with reality in a logical manor, and the ones that aren’t on drugs, abused it long enough where their critical thinking skills and cognitive brain function is so destroyed, they’re beyond repair. 


Taxpayers in the uber liberal city of Seattle recently discovered the money being zapped from their paychecks each week is about to be flushed down the toilet in a whole new way as their local government has decided to host two workshops on “white fragility.” The two events are part of a series on “racial equity” being put on by the Office of Arts and Culture in both August and September.


According to The Daily Caller, The two “white fragility” workshops will take place on August 17 and September 7, running four hours each. The workshops will focus on “the specific way that racism manifests through White Fragility.” (The city website defines “white fragility” as “the inability for white people to tolerate racial stress.”) Each workshop also “provides the perspectives and skills needed for white people to have more constructive cross-racial interactions.”


Robin DiAngelo, a former associate professor at the University of Washington, will lead the “white fragility” workshops. DiAngelo was appointed to “co-design the City of Seattle’s Race & Social Justice Initiative,” according to a city spokesperson.


The city will also offer workshops focusing titled “Implicit Bias” and “Leading with Racial Equity for Structural Transformation.” The latter workshop will be lead by Scott Winn, co-founder of Seattle’s Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites, which is described as “a grassroots organization working to eliminate structural racism by educating and organizing white people to support people of color-led organizations working for social and economic change.”


“We are offering these workshops because our office in partnership with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), is committed to addressing and increasing community-wide awareness about existing inequities so that we, along with our cultural and community partners, can most effectively work together toward a vision of racial equity,” said Erika Lindsay, communications manager for the city’s Office of Arts and Culture. Lindsay confirmed that the workshops are taxpayer-funded. SOURCE

2 Comments on Psychotic Schizophrenic White Liberals Now Promoting “White Fragility” with Tax Payer Funded “Workshops.” Wake Up Stupid, the Problem has Always Been in Our Own Backyard!

  1. These White Race Pimps make Black Race Pimps look like amateurs.


    • Yes they are, and they’ve been the fucking problem from day one, yet so many among us were so blinded by joo chasers and CONspiratards they couldn’t see the truth for what it was.


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