Roots: The Saga of The Infestation of Afreekan American Hood Rats

Korryn Gaines, cradling child and shotgun, is fatally shot by police

law enforcement officers went to the residence of Korryn Gaines, 23, and Kareem Kiean Courtney, 39, to arrest them on separate warrants. Gaines had a warrant which stemmed from a traffic offense, and Courtney had a warrant for domestic violence against Gaines.

Officers knocked on the door and announced themselves with no answer for 10 minutes. “During that time further movement could be heard inside the location and a small child was heard crying,” according to the subsequent warrant.

The officers went to the apartment rental office and got the key. Once officers used they key, the door was still barred by a chain lock. Officers could see Gaines sitting on the floor, and they asked her to come to the door, but she refused. One of the officers then kicked the door open, and they entered the apartment to find Gaines pointing a shotgun at them.

The officers retreated and called for backup. Additional officers responded and contained the area while they obtained a warrant that showed probable cause to arrest Gaines for first and second degree assault, obstructing and hindering, and resisting or interfering with arrest. During that time, Courtney fled the apartment with a 1-year-old.


“When somebody points a gun directly at an officer and threatens to shoot them, it very well may not end well. That is the situation we had in this case,” police spokeswoman Elise Armacost told reporters.

A standoff ensued for over five hours. Gaines was livestreaming during the standoff, and the people following along encouraged her to not give in without violence. During the incident, law enforcement worked with Facebook to get Gaines’ account shut down; officers were trying to stop her followers from continuing to encourage her towards violence.

During the standoff, Gaines sent her 5-year-old to take an Instagram video of an officer who was holding the door to the apartment.

Finally, Gaines raised her shotgun to officers and told them that she was going to kill them. There was an exchange of gunfire, and Gaines was killed, and her 5-year-old was shot in the arm with non-life threatening injuries. It’s not clear if Gaines shot her son, or if it was the officers who were firing at Gaines.

The media is telling the story of a young mother who was gunned down over a traffic warrant. The truth is that Korryn Gaines is dead because she made the decision to try to kill officers. While this incident may have started over a minor warrant, that’s not why her house was surrounded by officers trying to take her into custody. Korryn Gaines created this situation when she pointed a shotgun at officers, and despite over five hours of officers trying to de-escalate, Gaines decided to act on her threats to try to kill officers.

Korryn Gaines is no victim. She was a violent criminal who endangered her children’s lives and forced officers to defend their lives from her.

The usual leftist media race pimps BET tries creating a martyr HERE

But who was this innocent female pod of dindonuthins eggs?

Korryn Gaines: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know HERE

Korryn Gaines Videos From Traffic Stop & Standoff Before Being “Murdered?” By Police!

The lead up to one less egg laying out of control wacko black hood rat with insightful commentary.

Now that we live in the age of post-truth news, a deceptive liar/con artist like Shaun King can tweet lies about Korryn Gains to trigger the emotions of black people. He posted a 10 second clip from a 22 minutes video of Korryn Gains encounter with the Baltimore county police. The 10 second clip makes her look like a helpless victim but the full video proves how angry and confrontational she was toward the officers. Here with commentary of the video and let you judge for yourself what really happened.

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  1. This is so fucking enraging… How long will this shit go on here? We’re getting to the point, or maybe past it already where cops will just start to refuse to police these people and the communities they pollute!


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