Hot weather increases Road Rage

Fifteen years ago, Gary Lynn Durham killed a man after arguing in traffic. For that, he did 10 years in prison.


Durham, 40, stopped his black Mazda pickup in the middle of the eastbound lanes, deputies said. He got out and walked toward Robert Padgett, who had stopped behind the truck in a Ford sport utility vehicle.

As the men argued, Padgett, 42, pulled a handgun, deputies said. He shot Durham at least once.

In October 2001, Durham turned in front of another driver, Timothy James Gibbs. A witness said Durham yelled at Gibbs before stepping out and walking toward his car.

He got back in his car, made a U-turn and pulled into a parking lot where Gibbs had stopped, according to a Tampa police report. A witness saw Durham walk toward Gibbs with his arms extended. The two men yelled at each other. Durham punched Gibbs in the face.

Gibbs fell and hit his head on concrete. Durham got back in his car and drove off. Gibbs died days later from a brain hemorrhage and skull fracture

Story Here

Weather is hot, the society is a tinder box, any spark can set it off, YOU must be determined, stand your ground, but remain sober, calm, stay cool.

2 Comments on Hot weather increases Road Rage

  1. Good advice Joe

    My temper used to get the best of me, but I’ve learned to let “some” shit slide, especially on the road.

    Half these idiots are in a rush to go nowhere, it’s not worth a fight.


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