New Black Panther Leader Robbed At Gun Point… Calls the ‘Racist’ Police For Help, Changes His Mind About the Cops! I thought snitches get stitches?

Look at this punk ass bitch… Running his stupid mouth off about police and a “racist system” that he himself enjoys the benefits of, not only because of his race, but because blacks have never had a higher standard of living outside of America.

This scumbag gets robbed at gun point by another Michael Brown or Treyvon or the countless other thousands we lose track of, and this bitch ass nigga calls a racist police department to come save his ass and find the perp! You can’t make this shit up folks.

I congratulate the PO-lice for finding my shit, but I’m anti police, but I want police community relations?????? WTF. How can you police people that are this fucking dumb, other than to always assume and expect the worst?

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