10 Comments on She get’s from her white side

  1. Amazing…no wonder Killary still gets support when Trump supporters post bile like this.


    • Gee……….. you are so offended it’s become the deciding factor to support Shillary.
      Gosh darn
      It certainly supports why voting is NOT a right.


      • Voting is NOT a right? Oh some people are more equal than others?
        Why not go further? Kings, lords and serfs? Only lords get the vote.
        Killary vs Drumpf?
        Simply pointing out that, with such silly racist nonsense, you confirm the suspicions of those reluctant to vote for Trump.
        I had a simple test which Hillary and Trump failed. So neither is worthy of my support.


      • “silly racist”??? You know what, you cucked ass faggot, YOU are the NUMBER ONE problem.
        Ohhhhhhh BOO HOO somebody exposing the mulatto trash.
        By the way, your fake ebola crapola has been long ago debunked.


  2. Is it not interesting that Drumpf is now appealing to blacks and latinos to win his precious POTUS job?
    I am amazed at the responses to my simple observation and yet you wish blacks and latinos to assist your endeavor in electing Trump? Hypocrisy or Idiocy?

    Ebola crapola debunked? Please enlighten us? The fact that Cuba sent medical teams, the US sent mostly soldiers.
    AFRICOM now has a foothold in West Africa under cover of Ebola. The US has been desperate to get a foothold there.
    PCR test that is bogus, amplifies tiny fragments then claims a “virus” cause illness. What US corporations are exploting Liberian resources and polluting their land which could have been a contributing factor to ebola like symptoms.
    You then factor in simple remedies for the ebola like symptoms and you begin to see the bovine excrement that is US humanitarian concern.

    The criminal cabal that ran and run the murderous enterprise that is the US military-industrial complex, care about the well-being of poor blacks in west africa but brutalise, imprison, exploit, rip-off, murder those sam blacks in their territory.?
    The corrupt FDA, CDC liars mask and protect profiteering big pahrma whilst they poison the world. Remember swine flu? CDC cooked the figures, made it larger than it actually was. Zika causes small-head syndrome. Another lie. The US has thousands of microcephaly cases EVERY year. Did ZIKA boga virus cause those cases? Of course not. So Zika virus causing microcephaly is a CDC turd.

    Please provide factual information along with ad hominem attacks, at least that way we all learn something new, OK?


    • WTF are you rambling on about?
      Bankers and corporations making money by any means?
      Good god thats something new, just invented by George Bush, right?
      “The criminal cabal “? Please provide factual information along without ad hominem attacks, at least that way we all learn something new, OK?

      The bottom line is and always will be, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT ANYTHING?
      You got now power, money, leadership. no plan,nothing, zip.
      You, your father,grandfather, as far back as it goes, THREW IN THE TOWEL.
      So just be thankful ‘they’, the ‘cabal’ let you live.


      • My point has been made! The worship of psycopathy: “they” let us live!
        Oh poor Irish, Indian, Africans, Incas, european serfs!

        The PLAN is simple: Expose the fake reality of the cabal. People then decide how they live their life based on a VERY simple idea. DO NO HARM!
        Using their tool, to uncover their deceits in every endearor. Politics, medicine, money, energy, Dem/Rep con, history, law, etc.
        Easy peasey plan, requires no violence, just study, reading, talking and organising familiy and friends.
        I am still amazed by the vitriol when Drumpf support is questioned. That in and of itself is a red flag. Emotive response to the “cult of personality”.
        Drumpf has made NO promise for which he mas made a cast iron CONTRACT!
        Why is it that you cannot entertain the idea you are being had by Trump? Obumer was the last con trick. They know people are pissed of with the establishment, hence Trump riding non-politician sentiment.
        Kudos to him for raising some issues, a bit like Nigel Farage and like Nigel he will only go so far.
        To use your psycopathic example, he will not go for the kill!


      • Well. I guess if you feel that way, THROW IN THE TOWEL!


      • He already has Joe… just like so many others. They think moral and intellectual superiority is gonna lead us to some kind of victory and great awakening. Yeah sure, reading and studying a little more will fuel the flames of resistance. They think “truth” is the ultimate power. They couldn’t be anymore wrong.


  3. Why did I follow this blog? To possibly get information,insights. Is that happening? No?

    How do you get another “being” to do you bidding?
    1) force/violence: gun, military, police
    2) deceit: lies, secrecy, fraud, deceitful laws (hidden/deferred violence)
    3) consent: asking, persuading

    It is obvious that any person, state or nation that resorts to 1 has no moral, ethical authority. Tyrants, bullies, reprobates.
    If force cannot be used because it will be counter productive, deceit is the next option. Again tyrants, bullies, thiefs, fraudstres, skirt chasers, etc.
    However, if you are truthful, honourable, option 3 is the way, is it not?

    So why is that Americans, nay most people condone “consent by deceit” of politicians?

    Western life is a deceit: A fabrication for the benefit of a minority. Option 1 and 2 are the dominant modes of making people do their bidding.
    My “THROW IN THE TOWEL” method of seeing through their deceits is a waste of time. I think not!

    By negating their deceits (option 2), they ONLY have naked violence left to compel consent or agreement. No moral or ethical authority.

    Exposing deceit is to “THROW IN THE TOWEL”? Why censorship? Why media consolidation? Why redaction? Why has the alt-media taken hold?

    The futility of exposing deceit?
    Why are the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of International Settlement ownership and records beyond investigation?
    Why the deceits about the economy, when they create new “money out of thin air”?
    Why the deceits around the electoral college? 300m+ playing Rep/Dem 4/8 year flip flops
    How about the deceits around killary? Benghazi, Clinton foundation, email server? Exposing deceits is indeed giving up?

    TRUTH compels another human being to ask for my consent or compel me with force? Deception is of the table!

    Will the US electorate continue their hypocrisy? Use violence and deceit provided it benefits their group or friends?


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