North Korea Productivity Miracle

Glorious leader Kim Jong-un has commissioned a massive set of apartments and high rises implementing new found worker productivity break-through.

North Korea is forcing construction workers to take CRYSTAL METH to ensure showcase apartments are built on time.

As with any revolutionary leap in the technology of modern industrialization there are unintended consequences.

The construction workers are said to have graffittied several of the production signs.
One piece of graffiti proclaims ‘Pyongyang speed is drug speed‘.
On another, it is written that the construction units are ‘drug troops‘.
The graffiti, which was found in an unfinished structure alongside empty bottles and cigarette butts, is being treated as a political crime.

Earlier this year, graffiti defacing the Glorious North Korean leader Kim Jong-un himself has surfaced in Ryanggang province.
In attempts to keep the fabric of North Korean society from tearing while striving for economic gains, ‘Investigators are warning construction workers that they will be severely punished for further incidents of this kind.’

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Hmmmm…… is there a method to the madness of the establisment’s Left-Right collusion in keeping our porous southern border open.

Donald Trump is constantly attacked for saying U.S. needs a border wall to keep drugs out.

But NeverTrump mouth pieces for the establish-cucks say
Donald Trump talks tough about the cartels, but his policies are tailor-made to increase their profits,Tom-Wainwright-headshot-186x226
Tom Tom Wainwright the Britain Editor of The Economist and author of “Narconomics“, told magazine Business Insider.

Residents in the area have pushed for a larger Border Patrol presence, which the agency has said it is in the process of deploying. (Trump has proposed tripling the number of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers.)

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  1. LexTalionis33 // September 5, 2016 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    Everyone smiled and laughed while they rejoiced after their “leader” said: I’ll let you live another day.

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