The Real Problem (Enemy#1) the Alt-Right Conveniently Ignored for Years – Weak White Men. Headline: “Men Are Much Weaker Today, Than They Were 30 Years Ago!

Our Men and our “Leaders” have failed us. Those disseminating politically incorrect anti-communist information and alt-right propaganda have also failed us. They failed us on THEE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE: Restoring masculinity and creating a much needed resurgence of manliness and strong male leadership.

Sure they gave it lip service, sure they mentioned it here and there in between their 3 hour long sessions with holocaust documentaries and World War II revisionism, as they chased down the Joos all day long.

But they didn’t peg it as our #1 problem, which it clearly was, and clearly is today – Weak White Men.

They pretended the problem was due to some outside force, when really, it was always internal.


Our Men DECIDED to become weak, fat, soft, apathetic and fucking lazy. No one coerced them, no one manipulated them, this is what they chose.

The easy way out. The soft life of no responsibility, no sacrifice, no pain, and no gain.

They wanted a soft job.

They wanted a sheltered life.

They wanted a BIG Government to wipe their ass for them, rather than get involved in anything personally.

Football and network television was more important.

The communist schools would raise their children and provide them with proper guidance, prepare them for life, and turn them into adults.

You motherfuckers got soft!

Your parents got soft!

Your peers, friends, siblings, relatives, and coworkers got soft!

Until we get out of this pity fest, and victimization shit, we will all continue losing for the longterm foreseeable future.

Now is the time (more than ever before) considering the circumstances, to turn this around and secure the kind of future we all want.

But in the end… It’s our men, and our men ONLY, who will determine our path and our destiny!

Chose wisely.



A New Study Finds That Men Are Weaker Today Than They Were 30 Years Ago

Think you’d beat your dad in an arm wrestling competition when he was your age? Bad news: he’d probably kick your ass.

Men today are weaker than they were 30 years ago, research in the Journal of Hand Therapy found. In the study, men aged 20-34 have lower grip and pinch strength – which measures how strong your hand and upper extremities are – than the same aged guys did three decades ago.

In fact, the average grip strength for men ages 25-29 is nearly 12 kilograms lower today than it was before. Your grip may not seem super important unless you’re a competitive arm wrestler, but it actually serves as a good proxy of your overall strength.


In fact, a 2011 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that grip strength was predictive of strength in push-ups, leg extensions and leg press. What’s more, research in previous generations has linked lower grip strength to a variety of serious health problems including arthritis, heart disease, stroke and neurological conditions, says Fain.

It’s not clear whether grip strength actually makes people healthier, or if healthier people are just stronger. So why are men today so much weaker?


They are less likely to be employed in manual labor jobs, such as in the manufacturing and agricultural fields, than they used to be, says study author Dr Elizabeth Fain, an assistant professor of occupational therapy at Winston-Salem State University in the US. Working on an assembly line, for instance, requires repetitive tasks handling weighted objects, which can strengthen your hands, she says.

That day-in, day-out grind likely plays more of a role increasing grip strength than weight training – which may only be a few times a week – would do. It’s also more helpful than the repetitive hand motions we’re more likely to do today, like texting or typing, which tend to activate smaller muscle groups, she says.

Your move, then, is to work on your own grip. If you’re not working with your hands, you need to make training grip more of a priority. SOURCE

BTW… I’d Be Willing to Bet a Significant Amount of Money that Not One Alt-Right Website will Link to this Article. They’d Rather Have You Read A Headline from CNN or the Jerusalem Post. Mark my Words!



5 Comments on The Real Problem (Enemy#1) the Alt-Right Conveniently Ignored for Years – Weak White Men. Headline: “Men Are Much Weaker Today, Than They Were 30 Years Ago!

  1. If any of these bitch corners link to it, I’ll take back my words, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Which begs the question…

    If these other sites continue to harp on the same old shit, the weak white male victimization card chasing down you know who, why continue to frequent them?

    Are you really being informed or even mildly entertained by any of it? Seriously, I’d love an explanation. Because if you ask me, they ain’t much better than the dinosaur media, you might as well Cuck-out and watch Fox News.

    Wake Up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Stand or Die and commented:
    Finally, some practical advice. Get to work, you low slung “warriors.” Learn to take out these assholes with your bare hands. They won’t be expecting it and that’s your advantage.


  3. Never dare me. Now pay up.


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