Donald Trump foray into deep-blue Connecticut

On a sweltering hot summer Saturday when not much moves and a breath of air is a premium.
Thousands in the heavily gated Democrat plantation of Connecticut slipped off their chains for a day.

Many climbed over the top rails of fixed political correct spikes with children in arms, as others reached down to lift family, friends, and neighbors up and over the top of those barbed barriers.

All this right under the normally watchful eye of the cruel and forceful leftist overseers helpless as deer caught in the headlights of the Trump Train.

The over swollen rivers of humanity flowed into a peaceful gathering of people from 7:30 am in the morning.
They stood lined up through out the midday gruelling hot sun till 7:30 pm that evening.
Neither the constant heat of nature nor the constant abuse of leftist useful idiots deterred their will.
All this for a chance to stand for a couple more hours in the unconditioned sweat box gymnasium on the campus of Sacred Heart University.

All this for a chance to hear and stand with the next President of America, Donald J. Trump.

All this for a chance to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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