Is Hillary Clinton Paul McCartney

Hillary Clinton, Paul McCartney ‘come together’ in Ohio
Clinton was in Cleveland for a rally at a local high school.

Clinton met privately with Paul McCartney at the Quicken Loans Arena before his concert there.

Hillary shrilled for Trump’s tax return at the handful of people attempting to keep them awake.
Meanwhile American’s are screaming for her over 30,000 emails deleted from a unauthorized, insecure private server housed in a renovated bathroom.
American’s are not wasting their breath with Crooked Hillary , the only reason they are screaming,  is so one of the many foreign agencies who had easy access to the server might comply.

Folks really, a local high school in contrast to Donald Trump rallies.

Donald Trump held a MASSIVE Rally in with 29,000 Supporters in Cleveland, Ohio Rally March 12,2016.

2016 Republican National Convention July 18–21,2016 was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Donald Trump & Mike Pence held a rally attended by a large crowd gathered outside the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio July 20, 2016.

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  1. “Smoke and Mirros”, and all them dinners…. and still the media push this criminally insane bitch. McCartney, you treacherous peice of shit.

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