8 Comments on “A Call to all African-Americans.” Real Black Men, not Cucked-out Hoodrats. Get off the Plantation!

  1. Tyler the Titan // August 21, 2016 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    Great job Angelo, glad to see him back in action!


  2. What BS! If niggers stop being criminals and obeyed the law, they wouldn’t be in the mess of their own making. Who’s betrayed them?? Sharp, Jackson and all the other rich apes that use Negroes inherent violence and low IQs to push the false agenda of White oppression. The jews are orchestrating this race war to wipe out Whites. Wake the hell up.


  3. No Joo forced any of this shit on anyone.

    We bought it, consumed it, and ate it all up with a big fucking smile on our face.

    Way to take responsibility.

    Just like the Ghetto trash you claim to hate, yet emulate, with your typical weak white male whoa is us, it’s the joo boogeyman bullshit. Go back to Stormfront and post some pictures of your cats with the rest of the retards.

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  4. It’s time for some aryan GTL, motherfuckers!


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