Persians Punk Out Obama

Did Obama Pay $400 Million In Ransom to Iran?

This all goes back to the Iran–United States Claims Tribunal that came out of the Algiers Accords of January 19, 1981.

Carter froze hundreds of billions of Iranian assets in the U.S.
Most was released by Carter per Algiers Accords.
The big stickler was the Shah’s family assets.

Thousands of cross claims (Iranian seizure of private company/individual property) have been worked out over the years with a final arbitration process built in to the agreement.

President Reagan confirmed the Algiers Accords, and the constitutionality of these arrangements was upheld by the 1981 U.S. Supreme Court in Dames & Moore v. Regan.

Obama administration settled on $150 Billion dollar settlement rather than risk higher payment in a binding arbitration ruling.
The $400 million was just the first installment.

As far as legality, most contracts are with foreign states, the governments are only the representatives. Iran never stopped being a state despite whatever internal machinations went on.

There has been and always will be a Law of Nations, a body of customary rules that determine the rights and that regulate the intercourse of independent countries in peace and war.
Right or wrong, ignored or adhered, no matter how imperfect, has been around since the Code of Hammurabi.

All this money bullshit (hell, we can print all we want to) is a smoke screen to the damned nuclear agreement.
This is the same exact playbook of the Clinton-North Korea agreement, bungling and all.

This later so-called ‘hostage’ side show is the result of the Trump affect upon the existing incompetent Obama administration.
The left is so shaken by Trump, they wanted no screw ups or embarrassments with the timing of the release of the servicemen and the money transfer.
I am certain they were out thinking their dumbasses to the point of further incompetence.
Trump has hammered the truth of the weaknesses and lack of respect internationally of Obama.
They asked (friggin ASKED, probably begged) their new buddies in the Iranian government to cooperate on a agreed upon time table of exchange, prisoners and cash, avoiding any further potential Trump stomping.
Sure enough the incompetent idiots couldn’t even get the damn aircraft there on time.
So here are the Iranians filming and making a great propaganda film for their own purposes.
Like all predators and great hunters they toy with the weaker prey.
I don’t blame them one bit for doing it while they still can, because it all ends come early next year when Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the next president of the United States of America.

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