PTD Radio: Episode#64 – Are We Alt-Right?

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #64

***The Alt-Right***

On this edition of PTD Radio I discussed the influence of the Alternative Right or Alt-Right on the Presidential Election, the future of politics, along with some constructive criticism for those that consider themselves part of it… along with a few other recent news stories from the website. This show is reserved for members only, the MP3 Download will be posted shortly in the PTD Members Section and on the PTD Resurgence Media Network Page.



13 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#64 – Are We Alt-Right?

  1. I’m confused about your views on race. Do you not believe the scientific studies or do you just not want to focus on them? Because last episode you made your case for the importance of demographics


    • Of course I believe the studies… I just don’t see racial realism as being a part of a practical political strategy at the current time.

      If Trump loses….

      That will obviously change and change over night.

      Bottom line with demographics is that Europeans have put off marriage and having children out of purely selfish/materialistic endeavors.


    • Furthermore, this concept of an ethno state is a cute idea, it’s fun to think about I guess, but it’s completely unworkable here. At least at the current time.

      Additionally…. our backyard is filled with genetic trash as it is, which also presents a major problem.

      In the end, there’s no easy way out Joe.

      I just see an opportunity here for us to gain some ground and start to reinstate what we want here by slowly becoming the system and becoming the mainstream… Instead of the current bitchfest against the two.


  2. So are you going to claim Alt-Right now? I thought you were against “boogeymen chasers”. Most people in the Alt-Right name the Jews. A big no-no according to you. Looks like all of these years of internet activism are finally paying off like I said would happen. YOU WERE WRONG


    • Actually, I said the exact opposite on the show. This was a critique more than anything else.

      I am not part of the Alt-Right, nor have I ever claimed to be.

      I wasn’t wrong about anything.

      All these years of interenet activism has achieved what tangible result exactly, other than the continued destruction of the west?


  3. I think we pretty much agree on most of the issues we face.

    However, as I said on the show…. revisiting the holocaust and hitler every week, along with the joo boogeyman shit doesn’t accomplish anything. And the idea of putting this shit into focus as part of a political platform is fucking crazy.

    Furthermore I refuse to give weak white fags, unproductive degenerates, and white trash an excuse, or a crutch, or some joo straw man to blame their failures on.

    There seems to be no room for self responsibility and accountability on the Alt Right. Which really bothers me.

    I want results.

    I want a future for my children.

    Those two things will not materialize or come from the efforts of Internet Nazis, hobbyist retards, and big fat soft titty boys trolling and debating a bunch of schizophrenic psychotic leftists behind a keyboard.

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  4. As always Rich, some folks build model airplanes then fantasize what it would be like flying around in them.
    Others whom are based in reality, understand all the time putting together all the engineering and skill sets into a practical method of producing one. The skills to actually fly one withstanding all the g-force and split second decisions altering a chartered path to a final destination.

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    • I don’t even know what to say to these people anymore Joe.

      We just had another addition to the family here…. I’ll give a full report on the next show.

      2 kids now, will probably have at least 1 more, as most of the Alt Right remains single, childless, jobless, with no assets, nothing to their name, living with mommy and daddy, jerking off to cartoon porn, as they troll the Internet and design new memes and slick hashtags.

      But Hey Joe,

      In some circles that’s considered “winning.”

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  5. Tyler the Titan // September 4, 2016 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    You wanna fight the booger man? How ’bout getting a nice woman and making a bunch of white babies? Dating tip: avoid bringing up Hitler and the Holocaust if you ever want to get laid.


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