White 5 Year Olds… the new target for Ghetto Blacks. And yes, I’d be doing a life sentence right now if I saw this. (2) Videos.


Video Link: http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=b10_1426395873

This really makes me want to bring back the old TM style. With two children now of my own, and an election that hangs in the balance… if Trump loses, this will only get worse, and you will not hear anything nice or peaceful from me ever again. This country has a chance… will the people save themselves with a return to normalcy and civility, or destroy themselves with a continued march towards savagery and degeneracy?

3 Comments on White 5 Year Olds… the new target for Ghetto Blacks. And yes, I’d be doing a life sentence right now if I saw this. (2) Videos.

  1. Also…. to what extent do we hold the “adults” and “parents” accountable for this?

    Look at the superintendent. I’d love to slow roast that fat fucking pig on a spigot.

    Look at the white father in the video too…

    Cracked out emotionless white trash garbage.

    Go buy some more lottery tickets and a few more packs of cigarettes, worthless pieces of shit.


  2. You are right. We need a “Trained Hands” unit. Skill-sets that are going to waste, will one day have to be used, but not at futile street-level idiocy. The head of this ugly, Communist snake, will have to be removed. Then we’ll see change.


  3. Sorry folks, but I have absolutely NO pity for any of them.
    This is what white America begged for and now they got it, even in the white house.
    You can whine all you want and try and justify yourself as a victim, I ain’t buying none of it.
    “Northpal, you are off your rocker”, Oh really???????
    Almost half of the American working class 16-50 of all races are NOT in the workforce.
    Donald Trump is campaigning on closing the southern border and bringing in jobs, now, how many ‘white’ Americans, women in particular are supporting him?
    These so-called ‘white’ nationalist are so frightened of the bogeyman half live with their their heads under bed covers, the other half are hypnotist gone wrong trying to ‘wake’ everyone up.

    If you as a people, the most powerful people in your nation let alone the world cannot even get your ass to work to feed yourself and protect yourself, you don’t deserve to live.
    That is not Northpal’s law but Natures law.
    So, for at least 50 years I have watched white America commit suicide, every time I tried to stop her she fought me off. So please white America will you please stop being such a drama queen and DIE OFF ALREADY!


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