Want to make some shekels? Fuck holding Gold & Silver. Get into the mining shares…

I’m not a gold bull by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s some serious money to be made in the mining shares. Yes I know the metals are manipulated, and yes I know the markets are rigged, and yes anyone can lose their ass… but when assets are suppressed and there’s blood in the streets, that’s the perfect time to get in.

Mining shares have exploded higher from the start of the year. With some stocks moving as much as 400-500% off their lows. And if we’re truly in the beginning stages of a bull market in the metals, some of these mining shares could produce tremendous returns.

Silver is now trading around $20 bucks (up about 35% on the year) and Gold is at $1,350 (up about 25%).

Many of these mining companies are still making money when both of these metals are trading a lot lower.

Lets take a look at a few tickers:

NUGT – Gold Miners Index, trading at about $20 a share right now. Just a few years ago this index was at $5,000 a share!!!

JNUG – Junior Miners Index, is also trading at about $20 a share right now. Just a few years ago this index was over $200 a share. This index should go much higher though as most of the new discoveries are produced by the juniors.

Here are a few long positions that I’ve held since July:



Along with NUGT & JNUG

Might add AU, GORO & GSS soon.

Opening up a brokerage account is easy at TD AMERITRADE, Fidelity, or a similar company. It’s not for everyone, and this is not investment advice in anyway, I just simply see an opportunity in an election hear and with a FED that has already hinted at flirting with negative interest rates.

1 Comment on Want to make some shekels? Fuck holding Gold & Silver. Get into the mining shares…

  1. Well, did some digging and read the doom n gloomers, the happy optimists, the conspirators.
    These mining stocks are a bet on the outcome of the election.
    If Trump wins (which I am confidant he will) mining, energy sector stocks, and all quality stocks in the primary will boom, followed by the secondary sector stocks.
    The primary sector of the economy is the sector of an economy making direct use of natural resources.
    The resources are harvested to supply the materials for the building and manufacturing sectors, and being a step ahead of the booms will be extremely profitable.
    This cycle once it kicks off cannot be stopped by any force, be it banking or war.
    But, then again, if the planet nibiru crashes into the earth and aliens pop up from it’s hollow center, well then all bets are off.


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