Clinton to deliver a speech Monday to win over the Millennial vote… i.e. the “free shit crowd.”

She’s already got the bulldyke feminist pigs, and single women pumped up on SSRIs… But she’s losing her support among millennial “men.”

Clintons new game plan: win over the stoners, gamers, basement dwellers, and guys that haven’t caught a handjob since the 8th grade.



Offer them FREE college, FREE weed, a FREE headset for gaming, an unlimited FREE supply of lube, tissues, dominos pizza and 24 hour streaming cartoon porn.

And somewhere in there hit the critical issues of economic fairness and climate change, which are ranked as millennials’ top issues.

Hillary to deliver speech on Monday begging millennials to vote for her

If you’ve followed the polls this week, you know exactly what this is about. Gary Johnson and, to a lesser extent, Jill Stein are peeling off huge numbers of voters aged 18-29, which is turning a tight two-way race into a Trump lead in the four-way. She could afford to give away young voters back when she was leading by six points. She can’t afford it anymore. So it’s all hands on deck for Democrats, with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Michelle Obama set to campaign for Clinton soon to put the fear of God into millennials. And now Hillary herself is set for a speech on Monday aimed squarely at that audience.

The goal here may have less to do with tearing down Trump than with simply making sure young voters understand that Trump has a real chance of winning now. Voters spent most of the summer believing that isn’t true, especially after Clinton’s big convention bounce pushed her out to landslide-type margins in battleground states. Some young adults may have decided at the time that her big lead meant they didn’t need to vote for her in the name of stopping Trump and could go with a more idealistic third-party choice. Clinton’s message on Monday will be some variation of “no, really, look at the polls, I’m a terrible candidate who’s going to lose without you.”

“With 55 days until the election, one thing is certain: the stakes are too high for any voter to stay home. As Secretary Clinton has said, the campaign is committed to earning every vote,” Christopher Huntley, Clinton’s director of millennial media, said in an e-mail. “During the final phase of the election, our campaign will deploy high profile surrogates to uplift Secretary Clinton’s message to the generation and mobilize millennial voters to get to the polls.”

Appearing Thursday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Clinton sympathized with the struggles of young people.

“I really have a lot of sympathy, in a way, because think of what this millennial generation has faced,” she said on the radio broadcast. “They entered the workforce during one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history. So what I’m focusing on are more good-paying jobs.”

Baumann said it won’t be enough to simply make the case against Trump, because “millennials already despise Trump,” viewing him as racist and disrespectful of women. Instead, he said, she needs a positive contrast message on economic and tax fairness, college affordabililty and climate change, which he ranked as millennials’ top issues.

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