Gov. Christie Will Hold Town Hall meetings To Discuss School Funding Proposal.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s first town hall meeting in Morris County on Monday September 19, in order to discuss his proposed School Funding Fairness Formula, a plan introduced over the summer. Christie is making his way across the state in order to explain to Jerseyans how his plan can cut property taxes and improve urban schooling.

How Christie’s school funding plan could affect your property taxes [HERE]

Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed school funding overhaul could produce property tax relief from as much as $4,500 for the average homeowner in Glen Ridge to a little as $5 on average in Mount Ephraim, according to state data.

Christie on Thursday also continued to advocate his proposed “Fairness Formula” that calls for the state to equally spend $6,599 on each New Jersey student in order to lower property taxes.

Powerful Teachers Unions will fight to their death

Gov. Chris Christie is asking the state Supreme Court to reopen the landmark Abbott v. Burke school funding case and to give the state education chief power to bypass laws and bargaining agreements that protect veteran teachers, the governor’s office announced Thursday.

In a legal filing by Attorney General Christopher Porrino, the Christie administration is asking the court to vacate its 2011 order that forbid Christie from slashing funding to the 31 districts represented in the case.

Christie’s ongoing fight with Public Sector unions

Is Christie prepping N.J. for a Trump presidency, local control and accountability of public services like education?

Christie also wants the state education commissioner to have the power to overrule state laws or labor agreements in those districts that he sees as detrimental to students, such as the “last in first out” policy for teacher layoffs.

Christie said increased funding guaranteed to 31 urban and low-income districts under the series of Abbott v. Burke Supreme Court rulings hasn’t helped student performance, even though the districts receive a significantly greater percentage of state aid than suburban districts.

“What we know now is, more money alone does not translate into a better education,” Christie said. “Better teaching methods, more instruction time and improved educational programs make the difference.”

Christie like most politicians in Liberal strong holds still hasn’t the BALLS  to point out the NUMBER ONE, problem with education, PARENTS!.

The “Fairness Formula” would reconfigure the allocation formula for school funding, distributing taxpayer funds for K-12 education equally for each student in New Jersey. According to Christie, under the current paradigm of school aid distribution, $9.1 billion dollars of taxpayer-funded state aid for K-12 education is currently distributed unequally.

A disproportionate amount of that direct aid, $5.1 billion says Christie’s team, goes to a scant 31 school districts in the state. The remaining 4 billion, according to Christie’s argument, goes to 546 school districts. This means that in those towns where people are paying the most in property taxes, under the current funding formula, the majority of their contributions are likely not going back into their own school districts.

58% of the aid from state taxpayers goes to 5% of the school districts, while 42% of the aid goes to the remaining 95% of school districts,” said Chris Christie during his announcement of the Fairness Formula. “This is absurd. It’s unfair. It’s not working, and it hasn’t worked for 30 years.

Producer’s busting their asses for everyone else, what about THEIR children, THEIR community?


Birth rates are dramatically higher in non-productive, Low IQ single-parent households.

Fewer than half of U.S. kids today live in a ‘traditional’ family. [READ HERE}.

According to both 2016’s Property Taxes by State and Chris Christie, property taxes are the highest in New Jersey, in comparison to the rest of the United States. The majority of those taxes paid by homeowners has gone towards local school taxes. According to Christie, the disproportionate spending of funneling money towards urban school districts, once considered the formula for graduating more economically disadvantaged students, hasn’t been successful in its goal.

You can bet your ass, these slugs fucking up society will be out in the streets balling their heads off.

Lower property taxes WILL grab it’s twin brother, lower business taxes by the hand and drag him along increasing sorely needed business/infastructure investment.

The wealthy have more options! than you can ever conjure up in a BONG!.

As we have in the past reported on wealthy tax payers fleeing Democratic shit holes throughout America (Chicago,Michigan, Ohio etc.) New Jersey has entered that level. (read: One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered)
It painfully illustrates the idiotic fantasy of today’s drug addled not-working class liberals (free shit millennials in particular) Sanders Socialism Idiocracy (SSI).

“Spending does not equal achievement—never has and it never will,” stated Christie in his address. “Over the last 30 years…New Jersey taxpayers have sent $97 billion to the 31 Schools Development Authority districts. The other 546 districts in the state have received collectively $9 billion less over the last 30 years. In 1990, 23% of the children in New Jersey were in SDA districts, and at that time 26 years ago they got 41% of the state aid. In the 26 years since the percentage of students in SDA districts has not moved a lick. It’s still 23%, but now they get 59% of the state aid.”

Christie’s Fairness Formula proposes to distribute the aid equally, which could potentially lower property tax bills and increase the amount of aid many school districts receive. A Morris County example Christie used his address would mean was Chatham Township, where aid would go up by 1,271%, and taxes would go down by over $3,800 per household. Christie’s Fairness Formula site proclaims that “75% of all New Jersey districts would get more state aid than they do today.”

For all the bullshit Fat Boy has pulled off, if he can pull this off, I feel will be a HUGE step to bringing New Jersey back to her traditional conservative roots.

What ya think?

5 Comments on Gov. Christie Will Hold Town Hall meetings To Discuss School Funding Proposal.

  1. “”””””Christie, like most politicians in Liberal strong holds, still hasn’t the BALLS to point out the NUMBER ONE problem with education, PARENTS!”””””

    A-fuckin-men… If schools actually followed a real discipline policy and parents/students were held accountable, REAL education could actually take place here at some level.

    More programs, more Instruction time, better methods is a fucking joke. And his fat ass knows better.

    Let’s not forget about the pension fraud here either, with double and triple dippers who work one fucking year (at the end of their career) in an admin position to milk the system.

    But let’s get real here…

    What cuts has this fat fuck proposed for private contractors, hedge fund managers, and every other financial criminal here?

    This guy is so “brave” to take on teachers working in these hell holes like Paterson making 50k a year, yet not ONE fucking peep about the BIG Banks, financial criminals on Wall Street, and his dealings with the likes of Sheldon Adelson.

    Business Times – The Times noted the governor and his family went on a “trade mission” to Israel in 2012 on a private plane paid for by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Christie reportedly had his “own bedroom” on the flight. At the time, Adelson was lobbying the state on gambling legislation.

    “At the end of the Christie family’s trip to Israel, the Times reported they spent a weekend in Jordan that was paid for by that country’s monarch, King Abdullah. It included two parties at the king’s home, a champagne reception” in the desert, and rooms in luxurious Kempinski hotels had cost about $30,000.”

    God only knows what the fuck he brokered over there? I have almost no respect for this guy.


    • Pension fraud , with double and triple dippers (Essex County commissioner Joe DiVincenzo, known as Joe D.) is in the hands of a Democratic-controlled State Legislature.
      Until a new wave of anti-establishment (Trump) republicans seize a chunk of power at the state level, it will NEVER stop.
      Getting the herd moving with this property tax issue just as at the federal level with Trump, might embolden the actual tax payers to strap on a pair of balls and stop letting these (white like me) thieves take care of things.
      The only way guys like Christie can get away with anything has nothing to do with wall street.
      By that I am saying, as long as the base is filled with scumbags at the lower levels they are supporting what gets done at the top.


      • It’s a step in the right direction Joe.

        I just have so many bones to pick with this guy I don’t know where to start…


      • In all honesty Rich, I do too, I am just looking at the whole picture.
        And that is working Americans, mainly white Americans but all working stiffs trying to raise a family, live a decent life, getting some real life back into them. Realizing THEY own this damn country, all the freeloading leeches rich or poor must be put down, if not eliminated from any and all decision making in the country.
        This is our last shot, after that the leeches will outnumber us.


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