She Was ‘Willing Participant’

Democrat Ex-Mayor Rapes 4-Year-Old, Blames Child Victim: ‘I Did It’ but She Was ‘Willing Participant’

Richard Keenan, the former Democratic mayor of the small northeastern Ohio town of Hubbard has confessed to raping a four-year-old girl over a two-year period. His confession was followed by a sickening explanation for his heinous crimes. She was a “willing participant,” said Keenan.
No mention of who or where the child’s parents were through out all this.

Keenan, a Democrat, was sworn in as mayor in January 2010 and served until 2011. He previously served as a council member and a probation officer, according to the Vindicator newspaper. He also worked as a car inspector for the CSX railroad company in New Castle, Pa.

“I care about his town,” Keenan said in a 2010 interview with the Vindicator. “I’m pulled to hear the heart of the people.”

At the time, Keenan said he had dedicated his life to Christ — a decision that he said changed his life.

“Don’t preach it, but live it,” he told the paper.

This perverted judeo-christianity which in itself is a oxymoron since the 7th century social construct jew and 5th century social construct christian have until the middle of the 19th century always been in complete opposition.

Americans long ago abandoned their churches to the marxist but insist they are a christian nation. This perverse cult they call christianity has been sliced and diced into about 4,000 sects headed by a abnormally high concentration of the sickest fucks ever known in the history of European culture or nations.

They scream and yell they are born again or some other friggin nonsense in the exact manner, tone, inflection and maniacal intensity the teachings before the Roman elite turned into a political religion warned us about.

They subvert national and or tribal security and integrity for 18th century invented egalitarianism philosophy and doctrines. Up to that time in the known history of man it was non-existent in any shape, form, or philosophy.

This so-called means test of being a ‘christian’ must be abandoned. The teachings and internalization of common values (ie. ten commandments) that form the bedrock of a common law for peaceful and just (as possible) society is all we ever needed in the past.

These nutbag cults that struck the North American shores but never permeated the common sense and common laws of the colonies. We must get back there or we will be feminized, held by fear, doubt, and confusion in a permanent brown caste system imprisoned by relativism.

In a just society the Richard Keenan’s of the world can only receive swift retribution at the end of a rope.

The question you must ask, will it be our internalization of common values and laws, or will we let our manhood become so impotent and matriarchal perverted we fall to the patriarchy of political Islam and Sharia law?

2 Comments on She Was ‘Willing Participant’

  1. LexTalionis33 // September 19, 2016 at 3:06 am // Reply

    Death penalty for all sex crimes! Death penalty for all sex criminals!

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