Truth Bomb dropped in the Tulsa Oklahoma Shooting! Inconvenient truths about Terrence Crutcher emerge.

BREAKING NEWS on the Crutcher shooting… as expected, the truth is slowly emerging from the scene about who this man was and what he was doing?

1) New footage apparently shows that Terrence Crutcher did not have his hands up IMMEDIATELY before being shot.

2) The woman police officer who ultimately shot Mr. Crutcher dead reportedly received an anonymous phone call that a person was sitting in a parked vehicle on Lewis Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the person was seen sniffing something up his nose.

3) PCP was found in Terrence Crutcher’s vehicle.

4) The female shooting officer (who had reportedly received drug recognition expert training) said the suspect, the aforementioned Terrence Crutcher, was “acting suspiciously”–an observation in accordance to how she was trained to recognize drug related behavior in context.

5) The helicopter pilot radioed down to the female shooting officer, saying “this looks like a bad dude, too, to be on something”–NOT referring to Terrence Crutcher’s race, but observing Crutcher’s actions, based in accordance to their training of recognizing drug-related behavior.

6) According to The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, Crutcher had had “more than a dozen encounters with the police.”

7) In at least four–4–of those encounters, police had to use force, including the use of a taser in 2012, according to The Daily Oklahoman.

8) According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Terrence Crutcher had been incarcerated on a drug-related conviction for just under four years and was released on parole in 2011. His parole supervision ended this year, 2016.

9) Court records indicate that a judge had issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Terrence Crutcher, effective September 1st, 2016, for failure to pay court costs related to his cases.

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