Riots & Rioters, not Protests. Day 2 in Charlotte turns deadly. National Guard sent in as State of Emergency declared in NC.

Looters and Ferals in the streets spent the night causing chaos and destroying property… as they smashed in windows and spray painted BLM everywhere!

Were they given a safe space to riot, loot, and damage property?

This is what happens when you don’t put these fuckers down swiftly and violently!

Charlotte Update Day 2: The situation is escalating quickly

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declares state of emergency on request of Charlotte police chief

North Carolina governor is also sending in the National Guard amid “protests.”


The WSJ reports, a man was fatally shot downtown just after 8 p.m. by a civilian, according to the city of Charlotte.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department “did not fire the shot,” the city said in a tweet. City officials also confirmed that a police officer had been transported to a hospital for injuries.
As we detailed earlier, night 2 of the protest in Charlotte following the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott – an allegedly armed black man – by a black policeman, has turned considerably more violent.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released a press release on the incident that read,

“Officers observed a subject inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The subject exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. Officers observed the subject get back into the vehicle at which time they began to approach the subject. The subject got back out of the vehicle armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject.”

On Wednesday morning, Police Chief Kerr Putney held a news conference regarding the killing. He provided new details, which seemed to corroborate the press release, contradicting the version of events that played out on social media Wednesday.

Putney began by saying, “It’s time to change the narrative. Because I can tell you from the facts, that the story is a little bit different as to how it’s been portrayed so far, especially through social media.”

The chief went on to describe the incident as such:

“The officers gave loud, clear verbal commands that were also heard by many of the witnesses. They were instructing the subject, once he got out of the vehicle, to drop the weapon. Despite the verbal commands, Mr. Scott exited the vehicle as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. He stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and Officer Brentley Vinson subsequently fired his weapon, striking the subject.”

The chief went on to describe what was found at the scene. “I can tell you a weapon was seized, a handgun, I can also tell you we did not find a book that was made reference to. We did find a weapon, and the witnesses corroborated it to, beyond just the officers.”

This should not be a total surprise as we noted earlier comments:

“We out like the Taliban!” one rioter was heard yelling on a live Facebook stream.

“This ain’t no one-day action!” another shouted. “This is the first time people standing up!”

“We ain’t playin’ no motherfuckin’ games, nigga!” asserted another individual.

One person has been shot in Charlotte, North Carolina protests against the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Riot police are firing tear gas into the crowd.


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  1. Gee, leftist inciting riots in a KEY election year…………………….hmmmmmm…………… so, what else is new???????


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