Mestizo Punks assault female Trump supporter and rip off signs {Video}. Won’t it just be terrible when one of these yutes gets shot?

Hillary supporters assault Trump-supporting woman and steal Trump signs in Lemoore, CA area.


Oct 2, 2016 – This occurred in or near Lemoore, CA. Apparently the two people in the car are Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega. Their Twitter names are mendozaangel682 & ExplicitRo. Mendoza posted these videos to his Twitter in order to brag and taunt the police and victims.

Contact Lemoore Police Dept here:

Still need to identify all the assailants.

The following info from Gateway Pundit:

A group of Hillary-supporting Hispanics drove around the neighborhood to steal Trump signs.

One young woman resisted their thievery, so they beat her in her own front yard.

Of course, this will never make any headlines. Hundreds of Trump supporters have been assaulted this year and thousands have lost their Trump signs. The corrupt media will NEVER report on this violence.


1 Comment on Mestizo Punks assault female Trump supporter and rip off signs {Video}. Won’t it just be terrible when one of these yutes gets shot?

  1. Now, now they are just NEW Americans exercising THEIR right to express THEIR political opinion.
    These are pioneers dismantling white supremacy, browning America, spreading diversity, and culturally enriching society.
    At least they aren’t tying whites to the back of pick up trucks and dragging them down the road, YET!
    Judging by the car and clean neighborhood and fresh cut lawns, these are the children of successful hard working ” Hispanics “, doing jobs Americans are too lazy to do.
    Americans can now eat real tortillas and burritos, what’s the matter with you?
    Are we gonna keep blaming poor immigrants for the economic mess the banks and politicians got us in?
    We MUST tax the rich, raise the minimum wage , increase welfare subsidies, give women Equal Pay for Unequal Work, STOP global warming, subsidize government approved ‘alternative’ energy sources like flatulence capture from all those yummy burritos.
    Import and pay for a shitload of rapeugees and ‘immigrants’ to off set low birth rates while your sexualized porn addicted children are government sponsored/approved transgendered.
    Provide FREE education for these future leaders and captains of industry.
    I bet you are unaware of the NEWLY undocumented fact it was black women a group of genius mathematicians who made NASA’s Apollo mission possible?

    I’m with HER!
    America IS GREAT and SHE is gonna make it even GREATER!


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