Carlos leaves the farm

Shortly after it has been revealed Carlos Slims’s Blog has paid NO TAXES, it softens it’s attack on Mr. Trump.

Not paying taxes “makes me smart,” Donald J. Trump said last week. His surrogates called him “a genius” for his recently revealed tax avoidance strategies.

Well, if they are right, the executives running corporate America are absolute virtuosos.

An exhaustive study being released on Tuesday by a group of researchers shows in detail how Fortune 500 companies have managed to shelter trillions of dollars in profits offshore from being taxed. Mr. Trump’s efforts pale by comparison. Worse, the companies have managed to hide many of their tax havens completely, in many cases reporting different numbers to different government agencies to obfuscate exactly how they’ve avoided Uncle Sam.

And, yes, it is all legal.

Hmmmm……just wondering HOW MANY are Democrat and Clinton Foundation donors?

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1 Comment on Carlos leaves the farm

  1. The filthy degenerates are clutching at straws. Trump over taxes, real issues over fake ones.

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