Liberal enlightenment at its finest

Canada has just approved prescription heroin

The Canadian government has quietly approved new drug regulations that will permit doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin to treat severe addicts.

In April, the Trudeau government announced plans to legalize the sale of marijuana by next year, and it has appointed a task force to determine how marijuana will be regulated, sold and taxed.

The idea, which has been tried in several European countries and Vancouver, is to allow some addicts to satisfy their drug dependency without a big risk of deadly overdose — since they’re supervised, with staff ready to use the overdose antidote naloxone should it be necessary.

Europe is a trash bin about to explode, you have a migrant invasion, liberal political correct matriarchy suffocating beaten down the European male.
You have a couple generations of effete feminized weaklings, now they are slowly being strung out, as every last morsel of the Alpha male is eradicated.

But, this is Canada’s appeal to zombiefy their populace, “has been tried in several European countries”?

Europe is a friggin mess AGAIN!

I would not use anything that comes from Europe as any form of bench mark in solving anything except a quick suicide.

I see a large return on investment in to the stock of those pharmaceutical (‘drug’) corporations the government chooses and picks for this bonanza.

But what the hell, I can hear Canadians bragging as they again pat themselves on the back for being so progressive and forward bending as that Marxist cock gets rammed rim deep in their rosy pink pucker holes once again.

Yes, it was Canada with Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre the then Canadian version of a JFK rock star who convinced them to relinquish ownership of their debt free monetary system for expansion of private bank interest carrying monetization and permanent back breaking inflationary debt, flooding the place with immigration whether needed or not, and the prized center piece of the destruction of western civilization, multicultural diversity.


Dumb as a rock white peoples who herded the lamb for slaughter, sheared and weaved the robes of stupidity and destruction they have adorned upon themselves.
And please, do not bore me with the whimpers of victim hood and genocide, because you’ll just break me up in uncontrollable laughter by  your own sheer(ed) stupidity.


3 Comments on Liberal enlightenment at its finest

  1. Folks don’t want to believe me Joe, but this is where it all starts, with Marijuana legalization.

    Legitimizing a drug that I believe is toxic and highly damaging to minds of our young people when used chronically, is just the beginning.


    • You hit the nail on the head when you basically stated a libertoon attitude of people being responsible for what they put in their bodies, but can never work due to the fact we have a nation of friggin teen-aged retards.


      • That is the #1 MAIN PROBLEM with Libertarians and the libertarian philosophy.

        Just like democracy… It puts way too much faith in dumb individuals who are completely incapable of making wise/responsible decisions!


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