Sub-Human White Trash Explosion under Hussein Obama. No Way in Hell we survive another 8 years of this shit. BTW you won’t see this on ANY Alt-Right/WN Websites!

A 9-month-old baby clinically brain dead after being sexually assaulted by white trash scum!!!

UPDATE (10/5/16): According to the family of the victim, the infant girl was reported clinically brain dead Tuesday… but has now since passed away…

ORIGINAL: The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office tells 13 News they are investigating a “sex assault” case against a 9-month-old baby.

Sheriff’s Office officials confirm Benjamin Taylor, the baby’s mother’s boyfriend, is charged with first degree sexual assault… soon to be murder.


This sub-human, piece of shit should be hanging from the nearest tree or lamp post!


A Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to an emergency call regarding an unresponsive 9-month-old girl.

Upon questioning the mother, police learned that she found Taylor in the basement of the apartment with the infant and the lights turned off. When she questioned Taylor about the injuries, he replied he didn’t know how the injuries to the infant occurred.

When the Deputy spoke with Taylor, he said that he had taken the infant to the basement of the house around 10 PM the night before while he was doing laundry. Taylor said that everyone else was asleep and he, at some point, laid the baby on a blanket on the floor, and that the infant’s physical condition was just fine.

When the Deputy inquired further of Taylor about the infant’s injuries and how they had occurred, Taylor stated that he had “blacked out” and didn’t know how they had occurred.

Taylor later changed his story and said that he did not know of any blood from or injury to the baby until the mother came and took the baby from him upon discovering them in the basement together. Taylor did say that the infant was in his care, custody, and control the entire time from the time everyone went to bed the previous evening until the time the mother found him in the basement with the victim.

A search warrant was obtained for the clothing of Benjamin Taylor, as well as for his blood / DNA samples.

According to the criminal complaint, detectives believe that Benjamin Ryan Taylor sexually assaulted the infant, and in doing so caused serious life threatening injuries to the victim. Additionally, Taylor did nothing in an effort to save the victim’s life as a result of the said injuries sustained in the assault.

Taylor is being held at South Central Regional Jail on $2 Million Bond

In another horrific story…


WV Couple Arrested for Allegedly Strangling 3-Year-Old Boy

Harrison County, WV – A Harrison County woman and her boyfriend were arrested after deputies said they choked a young child in July.

Brandon Ford, 27, of West Union, is charged with child abuse resulting in injury, strangulation, and conspiracy to inflict injuries to person or property. Ford’s girlfriend, Shelby Chipps, 22, of Salem, has been arrested on the same three felony charges.

The child was taken to the United Hospital Center’s emergency room on July 7, according to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Chipps and Ford were both present and claimed to have supervised the child at all times, deputies said.

The child had “obvious bruising on his throat and neck” and was “coughing as if he was strangled.” Deputies said hospital staff did not find the explanation of what happened to the child to be consistent with his injuries. The child also had swelling and bruising on his genitals, deputies said.

Ford is being held in the North Central Regional Jail on $150,000 bail. There is no bail set for Chipps at this time. SOURCE

8 Comments on Sub-Human White Trash Explosion under Hussein Obama. No Way in Hell we survive another 8 years of this shit. BTW you won’t see this on ANY Alt-Right/WN Websites!

  1. Hey Alt-Right…

    Hey White Nationalist Jew Chasers…

    When the fuck are we gonna focus on cleaning up our own backyards???

    The REAL Problem is a lot closer to home than most of you think.

    Wake Up!




      • I’d love to have a reasonable debate with one of these guys… whether they have a radio show or a YouTube channel about this very topic. Who/what is the REAL Problem here?

        Cause in my opinion…

        their aim is way off target.


      • Rich they do not wish to debate you, they are our equivalent to the blacks shine-buck dancing negros and we are thought of as equivalent coons.
        They are ignorant dependent on victim hood and bogeymen, heavy lifting hurts their bent backs and messes their hair and nails.


      • If this is who we’re supposed create a “white” nation with, I don’t want any part of it.

        Fucking weak white fags, Jew Chasers, and excuse makers playing the victimhood card.

        Can you imagine Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, or the Paul Bunyan lumberjack type (lost long ago) that kicked ass in this country, resorting to this garbage?


  2. They want to blame the Jew for all the porn, drugs, and crime… yet no one has a gun to their head.


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