Global Warring uh uh I mean….Warming

Obama – Climate Change Caused Syria Civil War – No Wonder Putin Laughs At Him


Discussing the threat of climate change with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, President Obama on October 3, said “powerful” studies suggest “the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.”


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….. the only idiot he can sell it to is a hollywood actor.

Obama’s claims are wrong on three levels:
1) There is no evidence that Climate Change causes drought, nor is there evidence that the number/scope of droughts are increasing.
2) At the time the Syrian civil war started in 2014 the Earth’s temperatures hadn’t warmed for 16 years
3) The Syrian civil war grew out of the Arab spring, not a drought.

A new paper, “Climate change in the Fertile Crescent and implications of the recent Syrian drought,” PNAS, March 2, 2015, summarized its findings by saying, “the 2007-2010 drought contributed to the conflict in Syria. It was the worst drought in the instrumental record, causing widespread crop failure and a mass migration of farming families to urban centers.”

It went on to say, “Century-long observed trends in precipitation, temperature, and sea-level pressure, supported by climate model results [emphasis added], strongly suggest that anthropogenic forcing has increased the probability of severe and persistent droughts in this region, and made the occurrence of a 3-year drought as severe as that of 2007-2010 2 to 3 times more likely than by natural variability alone.”

It concluded its summary, “human influences on the climate system are implicated in the current Syrian conflict.”

Not surprisingly, global warming alarmists jumped on the news.

Forget about the FACTS

Syria’s population multiplied 11 times since 1930, from about 2 million to about 23 million. At the same time, its industrial and agricultural water use multiplied even more. Eleven times as many people coupled with burgeoning industry and agriculture mean you’re going to use a lot more water—and hence face water shortages, especially with “poor water policy.”

Rising population coupled with “poor water policy” is a far greater cause of conflict for access to water in Syria.

And as causes of Syria’s civil war, those pale into insignificance compared with religio-political conflicts.

Elephant in the living room, anyone?

Did man-made global warming cause the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS?

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