Beta Males Bend Over So What Else is New

Multiple sources have now indicated this tape’s release was initiated weeks earlier, and that both House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chair Reince Priebus, had been made aware of its intended use – and then failed to notify the Trump campaign, making them complicit in the Clinton Machine’s intent to harm the Trump campaign.

3 Comments on Beta Males Bend Over So What Else is New

  1. Mr. Trump was telling the TRUTH!
    Most women throw themselves at attractive successful Alpha Males.
    It’s biological, in show business and Hollywood it’s even worse, 99.9% male and females got there friggin whoring themselves….. from the first days of hollywood the average NORMAL American families FORBID their children from any show business aspirations.
    It has only been the recent degeneration of American families (school and entertainment) that those degenerates are looked up to by youth.
    Mr. Trump probably had to grab those pussies to get them out of his way.


  2. If the stupid white Cucks fall for this one, along with everything else the scum throws at this guy the next 30 days… I’m officially DONE with anything that takes place here at the national level.

    I’m so sick of the fake outrage on these people… like these conversations don’t go on privately and publicly between men every single day.

    And I don’t want to hear shit about a boogeyman orchestrating this…

    It’s your White Cuck neighbor thats bought this shit for decades now… hook, line, and sinker!

    No excuses.

    If we lose this…

    Whites are the sole cause!

    And at that point my focus will be on us individually in our local communities (entirely) and this show/website will take a much more hardcore slant.

    I’m fucking livid right now!


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