PTD Radio: Episode#69 – “Rapidly Changing Opposition.” FREE {Pre-Debate} Show. Listen Now!

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #69

Rapidly Changing Opposition

On this edition of PTD Radio I broke down tonight’s critical Presidential Debate. Recent developments with the Trump Campaign and “Grab her by the Pussy” Leaks. The changing face and direction, not just of the Right and the RepubliCuck Party… but the Left and the drastic changes to come for the enemy here.


How the narrative on Globalism must change. Our History of not keeping our own Elites in check. Should Alabama & Mississippi be given to black Americans? Good Ole Boys on their way up North soon? A Trillion Dollars a year in Welfare. Global Warming Hoax? And the “Religion of Peace.” This show is posted FREE below, the MP3 Download however is posted in the PTD Members Section and on the PTD Resurgence Media Network Page.


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7 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#69 – “Rapidly Changing Opposition.” FREE {Pre-Debate} Show. Listen Now!

  1. Send them Gold ole Boys up North……..the SMART ones NOT the DUMB ones…….. actually we got lots of DUMB-asses to trade 10 to 1 for only the SMART ones like this ole boy


  2. Tyler the Titan // October 10, 2016 at 6:10 pm // Reply

    Another great show Rich, agreed with you on the civil war: what a fuckin travesty for our people and our country that was!


    • How often do you hear this take?

      It’s always one or the other, yet the fact remains that both sides were culpable, and IMHO those good ole boys were duped by an aristocratic elite class of planters that were far too quick to send all these young men to their deaths so they can continue to make tons of money, buy up massive tracts of land, and exploit the fuck out of slaves that never should’ve been here to begin with!

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  3. So how do you stay off the global plantation once Hillary’s goons get her in office?


    • If that happens, our strategy, my strategy will have to change… which I’ll outline in the coming weeks…. the first would be to continue to work locally within our strongholds and work towards movements of secession in areas of the nation where it can be done logistically speaking with very few complications, but at that point… I suspect that “rights” will be taken away, the Internet will change dramatically, you’ll have internal revolts within the military itself (who the fuck is gonna take this evil bitch seriously), and violence I fear will be our only recourse if and when it spirals out of control.

      All these lazy fat fucks on the Internet can speak for themselves, but my family will be prepared under those circumstances.


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