Charlatan Loofa Pervert, Bill Oreilly, “outraged” by Trumps comments at Charity Dinner! Haven’t you older folks had enough yet? Fox News is not conservative.

More fake outrage from the lying cucks and windbags at Fox News.

Bill Oreilly led the charge with his fake ‘middle of the road guy act’ to pile on Trump for his comments at a charity dinner.

This repugnant leprechaun has been presenting this election to the cable tv addicted boomer retards and geriatrics with shit in their pants, as a contest between two legitimate candidates.

Instead of an election between a Patriotic, America 1st, Alpha Male in Trump (representing our last chance here) vs. an evil corrupt criminal, an insane witch (hell bent on destroying everything we love) in Crooked Mao Jr.

If you stupid boomers don’t cut the damn cord and drop the cable news… from here on out I promise (we promise) to vote for which ever candidate punishes seniors the most and seizes whatever they own, unless they agree to work as Walmart and Costco greeters until the ripe age of 90. And at that point, we’ll allow you to retire!


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