Wild West Radio #27: Crunch Time

Titan Talk! Topics: Trump Roasts Hillary, Immigrants at the Airport, Sherrif Clark, The Punisher, Paki-Pedophile gangs, The Grand Cucking of the West, Trump: a Real Man vs. Empty Suit Politicians, Artists vs. Intellectuals, The Greatness of Resurgence Media as opposed to other sites, Power Through Discipline=Our Real Solution, Stefan Molyneux, Ayn Rand and how reality is better than fiction.


3 Comments on Wild West Radio #27: Crunch Time

  1. Exactly Tyler,

    Fuck them, fuck these motherfuckers!!!

    I’m so sick of this fake outrage.

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  2. BTW folks… this is real talk radio. This is what radio supposed to be personal stories, real entertaining shit that the average guy can relate to. Great stuff.

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  3. Yeah man Power Through Discipline.

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