Trump Star Vandal

Isn’t this the example of the fucked up whacked out liberal offspring Rich outlined on his recent PTD Radio: Episode#73 – “Death of the Dinosaur Media.”

“The reason I did this was because of the amount of sexual assaults that not only MY OWN family has experienced..”

So there you go, is this the result of incest?
A Liberal ‘with daddy issues‘ wanton girl’s unwanted birth?
A meth head single working girls inconvenient little boy witnessing all the cultural enrichment of working the west coast docks or southern border towns?
In other words America must be influenced and affected by this misfits ‘ISSUES‘.

“The point of the exercise (CRIME) was to take the star and auction it off (yeah “Fencing” the crime of buying/reselling stolen merchandise you MORON).

“Then take that money and distribute it (hmmmm sounds like your typical Demobatz tax scheme, theft and redistribution) to the women who been sexually assaulted by Mr.Trump.”

Gee MORON, and WHO is that?
Any proof?
Any police reports?
Any fucking witnesses?
There is more proof Ancient Egypt was built by Low IQ negroes who flew around the pyramids until some evil white men came along, declared a no fly zone and killed them off!

“Along with George Washington republicans who are against sexual assault.”

Who?  Do you mean The GW College Republicans the preeminent conservative organization at The George Washington University.
Alias for sons and daughters of wealthy establishment cucks better known as nevertrumpers.

You sure are lucky that wasn’t a 6 pointed star, you’d had every bogeyman chaser, basement Notsee, and ‘White’ Nationalist flooding the internet with blog posts, podcasts and conspiracy videos.

2 Comments on Trump Star Vandal

  1. That man boy should be tied down and sodomized by a horse. Then again, he’d probably enjoy that too much. I guess a few lashes and either a year of hard labor, or the padded room will do.

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  2. Men have muscles and intelligence as weapons, women have lies and emotional manipulation. Most devastating female weapon are tears. Any man knows that who have dealt with women. I bet that this man hasn’t had any pussy at all or it was long time ago.


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