As they continue to lose white voters… the so-called ‘Left’ in America will tear itself apart over the next 4-8 years!

The fight between socialists, commies, trannies, fags, ethnic and racial ‘minority’ groups, social justice warriors, and what they call “blue collar democrats” (whoever they are?) is set to rage on for the next 4-8 years!

If you think the “Right” had a hard time uniting… you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait for the great purge and exodus that’s coming! They’re already talking about nominating an Islamist from Minnesota, Ellison, to lead the party. Some ‘party’ that’ll be?

All this powder keg needs is a spark, and the left in America will tear itself to shreds. I think that spark was clearly the election of Donald J Trump.

Now sit back and watch it blow!!!


Trump has trapped the Democrats: They must remain committed to environmental and immigration policies that will doom them politically.

Obama can boast of a fifty-seven percent approval rating, a number any president would be thrilled with. The problem for the Democrats is that Obama has virtually no ability to transfer that popularity to any other Democrat. Obama leads a coalition of millennials and African-Americans that carried him to two relatively easy presidential victories. Obama’s army is driven by a purist commitment to leftist ideals but not to the policies themselves.

In other words, they love the idea of Obama’s leftist goals but seem unwilling to back them up at the ballot box when anyone but Obama is on the ticket. So they are in love with an idea of leftism, just not leftism itself. Obama is the face of that dream, which is why he enjoys such high favorables. They will happily protest and scream at those they disagree with, often while crying, but they don’t actually vote unless their man is on the ticket.


Obama’s leftism has cost the Dems dearly on a nationwide scale

Republicans now dominate at all levels of government. When Obama came into office, the Democrats held control of the House with a strong majority and the Senate with a filibuster-proof majority. Obama promptly lost that filibuster proof majority by forcing Obamacare through, resulting in the highly unlikely election of Scott Brown after Ted Kennedy’s death. He then lost the House shortly thereafter in 2010 when the GOP won a massive landslide, netting sixty-three seats.

The Supreme Court was controlled by conservatives at a 5-4 margin when Obama took office and will soon be controlled again by a 5-4 conservative majority when Trump takes office.

Now in 2016 the GOP has held onto control of the Senate and its huge lead in the House, holding 239 of 435 seats. Democrats also now have the fewest number of state legislatures in the party’s history. The Democrats have only 18 of 50 governors and only five of those governors have Democratic controlled state legislatures. Also, the GOP controls 31 of 45 lieutenant governor offices and 31 of 50 secretary of state offices.

Obama is staying in Washington so don’t expect a new Democrat party.

The president will remain in Washington as a shadow president haunting Donald Trump, but in reality he will be more of a menace to the Democrats. He will no doubt make his opinions known regularly, probably more so in print than on television as a faint nod to tradition and decorum.

Obama’s presence will lock the Democrats into cement, stuck to his leftist approach and likely dooming the party to defeat in the next midterm and in four years. Trump has broken down the blue wall and he will probably only increase in popularity in those states if the Democrats do not shift their focus from social justice and environmentalism to jobs and the economy.

Obama will attempt to lock the Democrats into his vision for social justice and environmental emphasis. The Democratic social scene is important in D.C., and Obama will be there with his thumb on it constantly. Any attempt to diverge away from Obama’s leftist vision for America will likely be met with severe social and even official condemnation.

The media controls the liberal agenda almost as much as the Democratic party does in Washington, and Obama holds sway over them no less than does a king over his court. As Schumer and Pelosi attempt to pull the Democrats away from the most radical policy goals that Obama and Ellison hold for America, there will be resistance from Obama who will be spending more time in Washington than President Trump likely will.

The army of millennials that Obama leads make up Obama’s power base and he will be able to fire them up at will. The more the protesters scream in the streets at the behest of Obama, or even if they do so without his request out of the longing for the empty feel-goodism Obama offered, they will further lock the Democrats into Trump’s trap.

One of Obama’s Supreme Court appointments, Justice Sotomayor, seemed to encourage the protesters to continue in their rage. She is not alone. Obama’s media and pop-culture army is raging against Trump and will continue to for the next four years.

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and other pop-culture leaders of the Obama left will continue to mock Trump and anyone who supports him. These people are purists, so dedicated to the leftist assumptions about economics, social justice and the environment that they feel obliged to proselytize in the only way they now how, by demeaning any view that disagrees with theirs.

Big-city liberal majors and Obama will defy Trump on sanctuary cities

The blue wall in the Midwest crumbled in large part because of immigration policy. The Democrats are committed to open borders and no party representing labor interests will maintain its hold on its base when it embraces open borders. Border control is essential to maintain a healthy labor market.

The sanctuary city issue is emblematic of the Democrats’ commitment to open borders. Each time Rahm Emmanuel, a former Obama lieutenant, or Bill de Blasio threatens to hide illegals from the authorities headed by Trump, they remind the voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania that the Democratic party is more committed to illegal immigrants who lower wages and take jobs than to the working class.

Obama will not yield on these issues. Even if he wants to, the student loan class, aka Obama’s millennial base, will remind the working class in the industrial Midwest that the Democratic party does not care about them and that they are racist, stupid and worthy of condemnation.

The Democrats are in a trap that Trump has masterfully set. If the Democrats compromise on sanctuary cities, building a strong border and enforcing the immigration laws, they will further demoralize the snowflakes that they rely on to deliver electoral victories as well as their minority base. This base combined to sweep Obama into office but now Obama policies have been firmly rejected by the working class in America. The same thing is true on environmental issues. The Democrats are stuck in a no-win situation. SOURCE

4 Comments on As they continue to lose white voters… the so-called ‘Left’ in America will tear itself apart over the next 4-8 years!

  1. Add to that reductions of block grants to sanctuary cities, when they attempt to extort state budgets to cover their shortfalls you will see a revolt at the state level also.
    We have such a great opportunity to take back the levers of power in all levels of government.
    The only question that remains to be answered is, will we roll up our sleeves and actually do it or continue to remain in the bleachers cheering and hoping someone else will do it for us?
    We are either watching from the sidelines or performing between the sidelines, THAT’S WHAT FREE WILL and SELF DETERMINATION is all about.


  2. Roy Elliott Hurley // November 17, 2016 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    Are you aware you have a picture of Ward Churchill up as an ugly dem woman? That’s hilarious! Should’ve had a pic of that old crone Michael Moore,too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ward Churchill the typical leftist liar who tried to invent his own biography until it all caught up to him when the University of Colorado fired his ass in 2007. A leftist court awarded him a cool million which was overturned by a District Court upheld by Colorado Court of Appeals and refused to be heard by the United States Supreme Court.
      Yup, keeping those leftist loonies out of controlling our courts is the only way to restore sane justice.


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