The Idiocy of Black Liberals on Display… If you lose an election, move further to the left!

These fucking people are so out of touch with reality. They still have NO idea why they lost this election. And they’re about to push themselves off the cliff of relevance, and commit political suicide. No wonder there’s so many single black women. If they’re as crazy and dumb as this idiot, no man in his right mind would stay around.

This woman above (an apparent ‘professor’) understands “white rage” about as good as Van Jones on CNN. What white Americans generally want is very simple…

Pay Attention:

1. Conservative/Traditional values, nuclear families, with 2 parents in the home.

2. A disciplined, orderly, structured Patriarchal society.

3. A society with a populous that respects the police, firefighters, and other civil servants. A populous that grants them a certain amount of authority and makes it easier for them to do their job.

4. A Tax system that allows them to keep most of their money.

5. A welfare system that only protects those that are physically unable to work.

6. A voting electorate made up of tax-paying, American citizens ONLY!

7. An education system that doesn’t indoctrinate children into believing that they’re the enemy, that doesn’t shit on their history, that doesn’t sell them a Marxist agenda, that doesn’t teach them what to think, but rather, how to think!

8. A political system that carries out the interests of America. An America 1st policy.

9. An immigration system that benefits the American people.

10. And finally an end to victimhood. We want want everyone to be responsible and accountable for their own actions.

That’s the Real White Lash!!!

3 Comments on The Idiocy of Black Liberals on Display… If you lose an election, move further to the left!

  1. How bout this break down? If the govt is big, my choices grow small. If the govt is small, my choices grow big.

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  2. Dwight Dexter // November 21, 2016 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    Why help them out? We should be telling these idiots to double down and say a lot more stupid crap that will really piss off White people and wake them up. They should be encouraged to holler louder and stupider…


    • There’s no helping them Dwight… they were doomed from the start. They’re not changing shit. And now they’re in self destruct mode. It’s just a matter of pointing out the suicidal, schizophrenic nature of modern day “liberalism.”


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