Alex Jones… back to full-retard again. Now claims the US Government is “kidnapping” Rappers?

It’s really a shame, because the guy has talent and the Infowars team over there was building up credibility all throughout their election coverage, which was pretty good (minus the blood ritual satanic nonsense). The Alternative Media has now overtaken the mainstream dinosaur media, but many folks and operations here on the internet run the risk destroying it all. Here’s AJ’s take on some ghetto trash rapper who was hospitalized:

Everyone has their limits. There’s only a select few, a small percentage of the population out there (as dumb as they are) that lives for crank pot conspiracy theories and space alien shit. And when you start peddling irrelevant, irrational, inconsequential nonsense about the US Government “kidnapping” some idiotic rapper… you lose any ounce of credit-ability you had left.

The Alternative Media better clean up it’s act, before it’s too damn late… and CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, BBC and the FOX NEWS outlets of the world, DOMINATE the internet platform as well.

There is NO NEED at all, to peddle this ridiculous shit to the consumer.

Right-Wing Cultural Revolution NOW!

Get Your Shit in Order.

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