Wild West Radio #32: HAIL {wait and see} listen NOW!

Is Trump a turncoat? The Roman Salute! NPI conference.

Paranoia, Thanksgiving and football.


(this episode ends ubruptly because I ran out of memory on my iPad) More to come soon!

I’ll just leave this pic here in solidarity with the cattle industry.



10 Comments on Wild West Radio #32: HAIL {wait and see} listen NOW!

  1. Good analysis on the NPI conference.

    Not sure what to make of Spencer.

    Watching that interview with Roland Martin made me want to puke.

    Guy needs to toughen up.

    Why allow the media, and some bullshit rag like the Atlantic in there anyway?

    Very hard to figure out…


  2. Take the power, Only Strong Men Need Apply.

    As far as NPI fudge packers? https://antifascistnews.net/2015/11/06/queer-fascism-why-white-nationalists-are-trying-to-drop-homophobia/
    Some weird cats in that cradle.

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    • Tyler the Titan // November 27, 2016 at 8:26 pm // Reply

      Ya Joe, I’ve been well aware of Jack Donavons male ass fetish for a while now, and couldn’t bring myself to look into his work because of it, but some have told me he is a powerful writer… As far as the rest of NPI I’m really not well versed enough to comment… I think at the least they mean well… I get bored with all their intellectualizing, I intellectualized and researched for ten years, I’ve had enough of thinking, time for acting, time for living.

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  3. Good show here Tyler. Really been enjoying these Wild West ones. You got a great voice for radio. Keep powering on.

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