How big city Democrats get things done.

Chicago Murder Capital?

Excuse for 2014:.

Homicide is not the problem in Chicago, it’s the statistical methodology that’s the problem.
Emanuel: Chicago not murder capital

Rahm Emanuel is pushing back against suggestions that violence in his city is out of control, touting new statistics that show violent crime is down in Chicago

“The narrative is: We’re the murder capital. Not close,” the Chicago mayor said during an interview with POLITICO.

When asked about perception of crime in Chicago, Emanuel was quick to note that he is most concerned with the opinions of his city’s residents about the safety of their communities. But the mayor still seems frustrated with the media, which he feels is focusing on individual incidents of crime without telling the whole story.

“When it comes to the perception, the job of the media is to kind of lift the fog,” he said.

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Excuse for 2015:

Homicide is not the problem in Chicago, it’s the Cops.
The rise in violence comes as the police department reported a decrease in investigative stops by cops on the streets during the first two months of the year. The police department entered an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, which went into effect Jan. 1, to record contact cards for all street stops after the organization criticized the city’s police for disproportionately targeting minorities for questioning and searches.

Police complained that the new forms were too time-consuming to fill out. Officers were allowed to begin using more simplified forms at the beginning of March. The department said gun arrests have increased significantly since the new forms were put in place.

Police noted that there has been some progress in slowing the pace of the rising violence.

[Story Here]

2016 Promise for 2017:

Rahm Emanuel promises HUGE Chicago reduction in deaths Jan 1 when the death count goes back to 1.

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