“Master Yoda. Do you really think it will come to war?”

Are democrats engineering a crisis for Trump’s first months in office?

“The first few months of Trump’s presidency are going to be very difficult for regular Americans,” explains a former DC lobbyist from Baltimore, MD.

“I expect more violence similar to what we saw in Oakland after the election. I also expect to see big disruptions in our food and gas supplies…and even a severe cash shortage.”

The former lobbyist – now a multi-millionaire businessman and the author of several best-sellers on economics – expects a sudden and severe change in how our economy is structured…

One that will ripple out through every layer of American life…

It will change the way you pay for your groceries…and where you get them.

It will cause shortages in gas…and even cash dollars.

It will allow unelected insiders within the government to engage in massive cash and capital controls… Along the lines of what we’re already seeing in states across the country.

If he is right, we will see more rioting and violence, similar to the beatings in San Jose, the riots in Oakland, and the flag burning in Portland.

It’s a bold prediction. And one many find hard to believe. But the evidence – now online in video form – is surprisingly strong.

It’s no secret that Trump’s opposition is increasingly desperate.

Angry mobs (rumored to be funded by George Soros) have besieged Trump Tower since the election. Trump supporters have been attacked. One man was dragged from his car and beaten in the middle of the street as onlookers yelled “You voted Trump.”
It wouldn’t be the first time an outgoing President has sabotaged his successor.

One famous example involves the terrible “Nixon Shock,” triggered when Nixon ended the gold standard in August 1971.

While Nixon usually gets the blame, it was in fact Lyndon Johnson who forced his hand.
“Nixon’s action was preordained by what LBJ had done three and half years earlier” .

It was Johnson who actually unhooked the dollar from gold and then flooded the world with new dollars.

At a secret meeting at Camp David on August 13th, 1971, Nixon was forced to protect the US gold supply by ending the gold standard.

Sources later revealed that the man working behind the scenes at that meeting was none other than John Connally …A man described by Texas Monthly as Lyndon Johnson’s “most trusted political operative.”
What happened next? Extreme inflation …an executive order (#11615) that instituted a freeze on wages, rents, and prices for 30 days …crashing spending…for the first time, America was having trouble keeping up with the rest of the world…

[Story Here]

Stay frosty men, our fight has yet begun!

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