Ban(ish) Merkel

Bowing to public pressure, Merkel calls for partial burka (Islamic Hoodie) ban in Germany.

Ever the opportunist Stasi Snake

The proposed ban comes less than three weeks after Ms. Merkel announced she would seek a fourth term as Chancellor in parliamentary elections expected next September. It also comes days after Italian voters forced the resignation of their prime minister, and in the wake of both Donald Trump’s shocking run to the White House, and Britain’s unexpected vote to leave the European Union.
[Story Here]

Is the Chameleon Changing Color Again?

Merkel will don on what ever robes she must, despite the emperor’s new clothes she is always a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We must get on our German cousins ass to be Be Men STAND UP!


Angela Merkel showing off moves in ‘Take me in’ Rapefugee Dance. Summer 1995.

1 Comment on Ban(ish) Merkel

  1. She has an Israeli passport, put her on EL AL.


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