FUCK FOOTBALL – {A Must Read} by Tyler the Titan!


While there is nothing inherently immoral about sports, the state of mind in the average sports fan of today is in decay. Sports in our culture are used as distractions for male energy, I have often said “if the men in our country cared about freedom and truth as much as they do about watching a recreational children’s game like football we would all be free and the world would be a place of order and harmony.”

The dynamic is similar to gladiator contests in Rome where the masculine energies of society were channeled through this form of “entertainment” which gave people an outlet for expressing and releasing their masculine tendencies. This dynamic makes our men inert and ineffective in society.

It keeps them from ever putting their energy to anything meaningful in the world. It helps keep us submissive and docile because we’re to damned “entertained” to be bothered with anything of depth.

All you arm chair quarter backs out there need to get into the game! The real Game of life!

We need real Men in this society to start getting some guts and actually take a stand for something!

It’s the same in the case where a man would rather masturbate to pornography than actually enter the difficult and challenging realm of dating, eventually he completely loses the courage and fortitude for the contest of courting and squirts his life force, praying to the digital demons who suck him dry from an artificial dimension. Leaving him impotent and unmanly in actuality, inert and pathetic.

Sports are just another way of detracting a mans energies in this world, leaving him spent and unable and unwilling to participate in the “animating contest for Freedom” as our forefather Samuel Adams put it.

Modern man finds it -all too easy- to satisfy his manly desires, swilling beer and cheering with his pals in front of his oracle, his deity the T.V.

This allows him enough of an outlet of masculine energy to then return to his slavish docile and inert existence in the “work force” without defiance.

He is then willing to participate in his own subjugation as long as he feels otherwise entertained enough in his cushy living room (prison cell).


…The word cannot describe the depths into darkness and depravity we have decayed. Deformed by base cowardice and pure evil we continue to mutate downward like the generational breeding of livestock, we are becoming farm animal anomalies, twisted cartoons of ourselves.

Reawaken your heart, Oh sleeping Lion of Mankind! Realize that it is our Individual lives that are the Grid-Iron field of battle we long for! Let us revive that ETERNAL VIGILANCE indwelling, and pay it forward! For it IS the Cost of ETERNAL FREEDOM! Take your role in that Heroes journey of the destiny of man. It calls us back home…

4 Comments on FUCK FOOTBALL – {A Must Read} by Tyler the Titan!

  1. This was a great piece Tyler!

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  2. Just realized who this. Thought it was Joe’s piece at first glance then noticed the name.

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  3. Hey man the playoffs are coming up! As Augustine said: Lord, make me chaste — but not yet!!


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