PTD Radio: Episode#80 – “Alternative to the Alt-Light.” {Last FREE Show for 2016} Much Longer, Extended Broadcast!

 Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #80

“Alternative to the Alt-Light”

On this (LONG) last edition of PTD Radio for 2016, I talked about the rapid growth of PTD and Resurgence Media Network and my recent experience at a Christmas walk through. I spent a considerable amount of time again on the Alt-Right (the Alt-Light) which led to a long discussion (lecture) on the History and development of Race in Colonial America. The rest of the show dealt with Trumps economic victories, where the US economy is headed, China, a number of positive stories and developments… along with OUR Holy Day of Christmas and how we plan to acknowledge it here on Resurgence Media Network.  The following show is posted free below! The MP3 is now posted in the PTD Members Section.

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6 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#80 – “Alternative to the Alt-Light.” {Last FREE Show for 2016} Much Longer, Extended Broadcast!

  1. 12.10.16-I enjoyed this PTD program and I like the inclusion of historical information and though I Bacon’s rebellion seemed familiar, I was not in fact familiar with the historical story. I think the emergence of advocates for White race consciousness is a result of America being turned into a Multi-Cultural Society [MCS] comprised of many distinct ethnic groups [like in the Hebrew Bible story of BABEL] which are encouraged to maintain their own cultural traditions and histories and languages, as it is racist to compel such immigrants to adopt an alien European culture and language just because they relocate to America. The MCS is being accomplished by massive immigration which has been about one million non-White mostly non-English speaking Legal Immigrants annually for the last 30 years; plus that many non-White Illegal immigrants, (per Ann Coulter’s research on Illegals) annually in the same period. This is a ‘displacement level’ of immigration for White European based Americans who are on a count down to becoming a minority in America. In 2008 the US Census Bureau announced that White people will be a minority in America no later than 2043 based on White vs. non-White birth rates; and that this is Irreversible. Also that that the 2043 date represented a move forward from the previous date of 2050.
    Evolutionary Psychologist, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, is one man who has tried to awaken for White people [non-jewish] a consciousness of White racial self- interest as without it White people will fare badly in the MCS being constructed around them where a country composed of all minority ethnic groups will be vying for limited resources with a hostile elite in overall control. MacDonald wrote an in-depth article documenting a struggle from 1881 to 1965 to gain control of the US Immigration Law and policy which, in 1965, the White European-generated Christian people’s interests lost. A new, privately written Immigration law, characterized as anti-racist, was passed by Congress in 1965 which reversed immigration policy from maintaining the approximately 90% White people majority in America to one where immigrants from White-European countries are only allowed in very small percentages annually. And immigration yearly numbers have been enormously increased in the years since 1965, especially during the last thirty years despite the off-shoring of US manufacturing capacity; the ripping out of factory machinery from American factories and shipping it on container ships mostly to Communist China. Now communist China is one of the two largest lenders to the US government allowing the continuation of wars in the Middle East which have now resulted in vast numbers of ‘refugees’ being added to the African refugees being planted in [esp. northern] European countries.
    The MacDonald article though long at 60-ish pages, is well worth at least a perusal and is available as a free PDF download from his website which his name dot com; but also there is a direct link to the article on his website which I am including at the end of my comment.
    If I may, I will mention an important independent historian, Theodore W. Allen, whose work significantly focuses on the American colonial period and issues of slavery and the elites of the day; and most significantly on the idea that whiteness as a racial identity did not exist, as was also mentioned by the most excellent host narrator of this PTD. I have only read a small amount of Allen’s writing which is written in distinctly-communist lingo with ‘proletarian’ used a lot; but he injects a meme of ‘whiteness’ conferring ‘privilege’ as a result of White poor people allegedly forming an alliance with the elite, way back when;; or such was my understanding. Allen’s work is, I think, the basis of the emerging meme of anti-whiteness
    as anti-White-privilege, and that White people enjoy unearned undeserved privileges at the expense of POC, [people of color], that has been emerging from academia. Portland Community College [PCC] was one of a couple of colleges that hosted, in PCC’s case, a whole month [April 2016], dedicated to “Whiteness History Month”, meaning anti-white privilege; and consisted of educational lectures and other presentations denigrating ‘whiteness’ for it’s presumption of undue-privilege; and re-written history of Western Culture to vilify European White people essentially as the villain of human history. April 2016 was/is tentatively intended to be the first of a yearly event at PCC.
    . “April Is “Whiteness History Month” at Portland Community College …” and here is a link to the very important historical struggle for control of the US Immigration Law & policy, the loss of which struggle has slated White people in America to become a
    Minority no later than 2043 but likely sooner as the calculations may not have included the huge immigration, legal and illegal, yearly numbers. MacDonald’s free PDF article:


  2. Tyler the Titan // December 11, 2016 at 12:31 am // Reply

    Great show! Thanks for the history lesson.


  3. Ah…. found it……..
    The phone self documentor MORON reminded me of this from a while back:

    Birth of the Selfie Sorority Girls

    Selfie Sorority Girls Are Promoted


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