Ms. Lindsey Graham at it again

Amnesty supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham is working with Democrats to extend the quasi-amnesty for illegal aliens which was started by outgoing President Barack Obama in 2012.


Graham — who barely won any voter support in his failed run for the 2o16 GOP nomination — and Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin are calling their amnesty bill the “BRIDGE Act.” The term is a forced acronym for “Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow Our Economy Act.”

They’re also joined by Republicans Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Jeff Flake. Both Graham and Flake were part of the failed “Gang of Eight” immigration expansion and amnesty bill, which was marketed as “comprehensive immigration reform” in 2013.

Democrats and business groups are trying to stop the gradual repatriation of the roughly 1.7 million illegal immigrants aged-up-to-35 who claim they were brought to the United States by their parents before they were age 16. The group comprises roughly one-seventh of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens residing in the United States.

Graham wants incoming President Donald Trump — who ran on a ten-point platform on immigration, including an end to Obama’s amnesty — to sign his extension into law, instead of choosing to halt Obama’s June 2012 policy of allowing the younger illegals to get work permits and free education from U.S. taxpayers.

Obama’s amnesty is not a law. It is merely a policy, and it can be reversed by the new president. The amnesty policy is labelled “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” or DACA.

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