Please California Yes

The Yes California Independence Campaign is an American political action committee that promotes the secession of the state of California from the United States via a referendum proposed for 2019.

There have been more than 200 proposals for the secession of California over the state’s history.

The campaign president is Louis J. Marinelli, who has served as interim chair of the secessionist California National Party.
The vice president is Marcus Ruiz Evans.
California has the sixth largest economy in the world and a population larger than Poland.
The campaign argues that California suffers under federal overregulation, that the state contributes more federal tax than it receives in federal funding, that the state feels isolated from political power in Washington, D.C., and that there is a wide gap between the political and cultural differences of California and the rest of the country.

The Supreme Court decided in Texas v. White in 1869 that no state had the right to unilaterally leave the Union.
Secession would thus require the approval of 38 state legislatures and two-thirds majorities in both the US House of Representatives and Senate, to pass a Constitutional amendment, as the Constitution provides no mechanism for state secession.

On paper, the leader of the California secession movement lives in an apartment complex near San Diego’s Golden Hill neighborhood.
But in reality, the Calexit campaign is being run by a 30-year-old who lives and works in a city on the edge of Siberia.
Louis Marinelli heads the secessionist group Yes California. Following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the organization has gone from an unknown fringe group to one discussed seriously in mainstream media.

A former activist from Buffalo, New York, Marinelli first moved to Russia almost a decade ago.
He studied at St. Petersburg State University, the alma mater of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
He married a Russian citizen, and the couple moved to San Diego, where Marinelli launched a political career based on a platform of California secession.

“I immigrated to California, and I consider myself to be a Californian,” Marinelli says from his apartment in Yekaterinburg, a city of about 1.4 million just east of the Ural Mountains and about 1,000 miles from Moscow.
In an interview with The California Report, Marinelli confirms he’s back in Russia and working as a teacher.
“I wanted to handle some personal issues in my family, regarding immigration,” Marinelli explains of his long stay in Russia.
“My wife is from Russia. I’m here handling various personal issues. But at the same time, we have some political goals we can achieve while I’m here.”
Those political goals include establishing a California embassy in Moscow, Marinelli says.

Marcus Ruiz Evans is author of California’s Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance, a leader of the YesCalifornia campaign for independence, and has lived throughout California including in LA, the Bay Area, Sacramento, the Inland Empire, the Central Valley, and is a Fresno, CA native.

Hmmmm……so how will this affect America going forward?

If you take California out of the popular vote equation, then Trump wins the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes.
And if California voted like every other Democratic state — where Clinton averaged 53.5% wins — Clinton and Trump end up in a virtual popular vote tie.

Meanwhile, if you look at every other measure, Trump was the clear and decisive winner in this election.

Number of states won:
Trump: 30
Clinton: 20
Trump: +10

Number of electoral votes won:
Trump: 306
Clinton: 232
Trump: + 68

Ave. margin of victory in winning states:
Trump: 56%
Clinton: 53.5%
Trump: + 2.5 points

Popular vote total:
Trump: 62,958,211
Clinton: 65,818,318
Clinton: + 2.8 million

Popular vote total outside California:
Trump: 58,474,401
Clinton: 57,064,530
Trump: + 1.4 million

Well, if Obama and the Left are being truthful, ‘Putin hacked’ the 2016 elections making Donald Trump the winner.


6 Comments on Please California Yes

  1. Sadly, secession could benefit the “Global elite”, who use Communist administrative and Marxist tactics, to get people fighting each other. As things are, the states, just like Britain and European nations, are stronger as national identifies. Splits will cause balkanisation, and will make it easier for incremental “gun control”, and later, total weapons bans across the board.


  2. Is there anyway to donate to this effort in order to fast track this shit?

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  3. Just build that wall along CA’s eastern border. Throw illegal immigrants over it.


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